Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's Been A While

I had big plans originally for this whole blogging experience. I was going to blog each and every day and in years to come our children and grandchildren and even great grandchildren ( if we have not blown ourselves up by then) would be able to look back at their parents/grandparents lives and say ‘Wow! That explains a LOT!’
Of course life got in the way of blogging after a short period where blogging kinda got in the way of life. I mean sleep is important and staying up late to do a post stuffs everything up for the next morning. So too does trying to squeeze out a post in between real life with two littlies at home or evenings with everyone home.
I decided that the  Xmas school holidays at the end of last year would be a no blogging holiday as well. Of course I forgot one very important fact when it comes to me and pretty much everything but the necessary if I do not keep doing it I will not keep doing it. *Sighs for dramatic effect* A lot of things have happened since my last post too much to go into really but a few of the important things are as follows.

  • I have managed to get 4 kids into one and a half rooms. I have managed to give My Beloved his much desired bedroom, not surrounded by kids, with plenty of space AND keep The Man Child & Big Miss in their own rooms.

  • I have managed to embarrass myself trying to leave a parking spot at the local high school after I picked up the bigger two  from school. Who knows the emotional scaring they have received from that episode!

  • BiG Miss has found work placement for her Hairdressing Tafe Course she is doing. I am hoping that she is considered such a marvel they offer her an apprenticeship so by the time she is 18/19 i can ship her off to england to work with her aunt/uncle or nan in their salons over there.

  • The man child and his best mate spent a whole weekend knocking down some small regrowth that littered our front paddock and the view has opened up significantly. The fact that most of the regrowth is still waiting to be piled up into bonfire like piles is something I can ,on most days ignore.

  • My Beloved has been working constantly and the only day and night we have together is a Thursday, which has by default kind become our ‘date day’ though it usually involves me sleeping in that morning and him saying next week it is his turn to sleep in. That and us catching up on the walking dead and football shows on a thursday night *eyeroll*

  • I have managed a lot of D.i.y as well.


Today, how ever I am battling the dreaded nits! I decided after discovering that Miss Thinker had a rather large patch of eggs in her thick long hair right on her crown that she was not going anywhere until that was fixed quick smart. The fact her sisters also showed some signs of those bloody things meant no one was going anywhere! It took me an hour and a half to do Miss Thinkers hair I used a lot of conditioner and her poor scalp is red all over from the steel comb. She possibly hates me now as I combed like a woman possessed.
Miss Independent was not impressed with her hair combing either but she was even more disgusted at having to strip her bed and the couches to wash everything (lazy child Winking smile )
Little Miss was rather uncaring about the whole thing as she was too busy playing with her ‘new phone’ which she was given yesterday, it has no sim yet but that does not seem to bother her… it might take me years to ‘find’ a sim for her… who knows Winking smile. One thing is certain though… tomorrow while at school if so much as one person gives any of them nits again they will be getting hair cut!!

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