Saturday, 17 January 2015

Biggest Miss Graduates

My Beloved and Biggest Miss and I getting some photos taken before the Formal

Well it happened. Biggest Miss, now known as Aliesha has finished school AND moved out. That is for another post however.

Some shots before the event.

The arrival.

Aliesha's formal partner Nathan and his parents Graeme and Suzie without whom Aliesha's formal arrival and pre photos wouldn't have been so awesome. Graeme and Suzi own A CHEVY Experience and were very generous in allowing us to have A Chevy experience all of our own! Check out their facebook page to find out more. I am giving them this  'plug' with out their knowledge as a way to say thank you for helping to make Aliesha's formal so wonderful!

My Beloved's little bro Billy was graduating as well and this is the only picture I managed to get of the two of them. They stopped by our table to deliver their certificates to us before heading back off to enjoy their night. We were joined by My Beloved's father and Step mum for the evening and friends of Aliesha's parents as well no photos of them sadly, not because they dont exist but because not many were taken and those that were were taken whilst blinking. ;)

Aliesha and Billy finally graduated and done with school!

Aliesha is going to do a Diploma of beauty this year at Tafe and plans to work  but 'not at Maccas' on her 'gap year' as we are calling it. Well done Aliesha. Your father and I are so proud of you. The sky is the limit! xx

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