Saturday, 13 August 2016

Back by Actual Demand - ( Cheers to Unemployment)

Guess whose back? Back AGAIN?... Sorry but when I say (or think) I'm back, I sing it like Eminem. I am sure I am not alone here? Anyone else?

 Anyhoo, just this morning My Beloved informed me that I am the sole reason why he is not currently traveling Australia and getting paid for it.  He came to this conclusion after reading an article about people blogging while traveling and getting paid, coupled with the news that Bruce and Tracey over at Big Family, little income are jumping in a bus and traveling Australia. All this (apparently) means I can just start '...tapping away at the keys for five minuets a day..." and magically conjure up the lifestyle to which he wants to become acustomed.

 Yes. I know! He isn't all there.

He is, however, all for equality and says it is my turn to try for this accustomed lifestyle. Because, clearly, he is shit at it. Actually he didn't say that. I DID.  I figured if it means he leaves me the hell alone while I am on the computer then I'd agree. A smart woman, after all, can always manage to do or get what she wants whilst letting her man think it was all his idea * insert maniacle laughter here.* I don't know exactly what he thinks I will achieve but I do so like to keep my "baby" happy.

Now, I am lucky enough not to have a 'job', well THAT is debateable but for the purposes of this post we shall define a job as leaving the house and doing paid work for someone else ;)  My Beloved has always worked, usually 2 jobs, and god love him at one point 3 jobs. That is not including our small business. So it isn't as though he is asking an awful lot here.

In fact next year when Littlest Miss starts school I was planing on going to work. I just do not know what job I should be looking for. I mean ideally I will be incredibly well paid. Get to tell people what to do, and they'd be quite glad of it. Turns out though,  being a Dominatrix probably isnt really for me. So, after a few wines a couple of Friday nights ago I decided that a job stacking shelves at night for Woolies was a job I could do!

Being one to see things through to the end , or at the very least until I am totally over it, I found myself applying for the job. I decided afterwards it really was not a problem if I got it. I mean I could do it. I also decided that I really should not apply for jobs whilst drinking wine. These revelations were soon forgotten when I realised I didn't actually want the job. Luckily Woolies did not want me either, and I am not sure how I should feel about that...

So I'll just blog instead. ;)

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