Friday, 25 January 2013

How To Get Organised For School The Stress Free Way

I must confess. The title is very misleading. This post is more a 'Mother makes good' story when it comes to the 'Back to School' madness that grips us all. Well nearly all. I do have a stress free way to get  ready for another school year, it just has never really worked before now. So read on if you are somewhat intrigued, besides it is always nice to hear how sometimes things go right without you actually having to put any real effort into it at all. We mothers deserve that at least once in a while. Wouldn't you agree?

I have been lazy for near two months now and loving it! This year the school holidays have actually been relaxing for the first time in 18 years. I have come to the time of year where the kids start back at school and I am normally  running around doing school shopping with either limited resources or lots of kids clinging to me or quite literally in labour, holding up traffic as I kriss cross the road, going into each store I need to, to ensure everyone has all the bits and bobs required to be this years Dux of the the class... OK so THAT may not have happened yet, but there is still hope! Age Champion does not count. And I still have two yet to start school. There is always hope!!

And there is always, always hope. Yes I have said that a lot and I better be able to back that statement up. I get that. I can. Because I have spent precisely ( well not precisely but pretty close) to two hours getting school supplies. That includes ordering, thinking, covering, buying and preparing any thing to do with school. Now considering I have five at school, two in high school and doing tafe courses,I think that is an achievement worth the time I spend typing this post.

How? What secrets do you have to share? You may be wondering and I am happy to share them with you right now. Do nothing! I mean, you have to do something, but it is nothing compared to the usual run around.

Step 1 Shopping for school  - You need to have a family member owe you a sum of money  (karma people), it does help if that family member only has one child still at home and it is a real positive if that family member enjoys shopping. Simply agree to the said family member taking three of your children shopping for all their bags, lunching utensils, shoes, socks, hats and other bits. The particular family member I chose also happens to be very good at saving money and knows how to not only get a bargain but a quality one.

Step 2 Book Lists -  Don't give them a moments thought. Don't pre order. Have a 'She'll be right mate' kind of attitude instead of the usual Rainman like attitude, you know where you go over the booklists of each child and their class and figure out what you have, what you need to get and what you can safely ignore ( like that box of tissues if you have two kids in the same class and they just do not GET colds anyway) or that particular brand of colour pencil. Then with a week to go before school starts and you have nothing prepared, start thinking to yourself.

'Hmmmmmm I possibly should have taken advantage of that back to school sale they had two weeks ago.'

Within 48 hours of that thought (and still no attempts made to actually do anything about it) you will find that the school principal will call you and you can just mention to them how spectacularly unprepared for the new school year you are, and that you were really hoping beyond hope that you actually sent the forms back to school in the last term of the year before to say you would indeed be taking advantage of the school book packs. You hopes will be dashed momentarily by the answer in the negative but then *angelic chorus*  you will be informed that book packs were purchased for all three of your children who are students at the school because ' I know what you're like.' and 'You always do buy them.' ( don't be offended by the 'I know what you're like.' statement as it was not meant that way... I am sure! ;) )

Step 3 Go Food Shopping -   By Food Shopping I really mean shoot into town for the basics because you can't put it off any more and technically the holidays are over (and you have to eat) whilst there pick up the last few items you need for everyone. Come home unpack the bags and pat yourself on the back. You are done. You have achieved the impossible. You have organised primary, highschool and tafe requirements for five children for  another year with no effort at all!

When things go right they sure as hell go right around here!

How were your back to school preparations this year?

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