Thursday, 13 December 2012

A New Family Member- Meet Oscar

I have nothing to say, I really do not. I have been sewing slip covers ( well actually only one so far) and trying desperately to get around to finishing off the furniture arrangement in our room (since I knocked those walls down I have had to rethink where things are going and IF I will be keeping it at all).

We are caring for a tailless (runner) Scaly Breasted Lorikeet that was being attacked by his 'friends' down the bottom of our driveway. My Beloved's step mum saved him and passed him to us... we are loving his presence and he seems to love us too.

Big Miss and Oscar

Apart from his food I bought ( as I really was not interested in 'making' it up from scratch coz I am lazy like that ;) )  Mr Cheeky and I go and collect a heap of flowers every morning and every afternoon so he can have a treat. I throw in the odd peach from our tree here and there too.

(He loves the Hibiscus at the moment.)

What you looking at?!

He surprised us with how friendly he is.

The Man Child and Miss Thinker have taken a huge shine to him.

 I have also been waiting patiently for the Man Child and My Beloved to do more of the back yard, which they assure me will happen tomorrow, besides that I have been busy doing 'life'. More tomorrow, I promise!

 I am tired and ready for the Xmas Holidays... SLEEP INS HERE I COME!!!!!

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