Monday, 3 June 2013

A Milly moment, hypochondria and nicknames.

There is always a hypochondriac in every family. The extent of their hypochondria usually differs one family may have someone who checks themselves in to the hospital on a regular basis another family may have one that freaks out a little about something. When it comes to choking I am the freak the hell out and worry about how stupid you look later kind. I am not even the hypochondriac in our family. Little Miss is. She has cemented her place in that role over the years for a number of things from a small mossie bite (that was a little red) making her 'so incredibly itchy' to a splinter, so small I still question whether or not it even existed, requiring a dramatic 'get it out, get it out'.

Last week however was a classic 'Milly Moment' and has been the source of entertainment for the Man Child ever since. It has also been the source of more dramatics for Little Miss. It started, like most things do around here, with everyone playing outside while I was drifting between putting clothes in the dryer and washing machine and folding and putting clothes away.

"Oh mum" came some sobbing far off in the distance "Oh MUM, MUUM, MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM." the hysterical cross between a scream and a cry was coming closer and I started running outside. Oh my god I thought what has happened.


"MUUUUUUUUUUM I have rabies, I have rabies, ohhhhhhh no I think I have rabies!' Little Miss sobbed and stopped running she stood on one leg holding the other with tears streaming down her face. I stopped worrying after I heard the word rabies.I knew there and then it was just another Milly Moment.

"You don't have rabies darling."

"What happened?" I asked looking at her ankle that aside from some moisture and some dirt on it, it looked to be in damn fine shape.

"We were running. We were playing tiggy and (sob) and then (dramatic breathing) the dog bit my ankle (talking, breathing and sobbing faster) and there was all this foam stuff on my ankle (starts crying again) and now I probably have rabies!!"

"Mill, trust me, you don't have rabies."

By now the kids had made their way up from the paddock and  Littlest Miss had been woken by the commotion.

"She is fine mum." The Man Child told me laughing " They were chasing each other and I was mucking around with the dogs. Buster grabbed her ankle and she looked at him then started screaming about foam and how she had rabies. It was so funny."

"Shut up Ashlee!" Little Miss cried. " It is not funny!! I could have rabies."

"Oh my god" the Man Child said, "you think you have rabies... that is the first sign of having rabies!!"

"Ash." I warned

"It is not funny when someone has rabies!" Little Miss cried as she ran inside to wash her ankle.

" Don't Ash." I told him as the girls started talking about how funny it was. Later that night as we all sat down for dinner the Man Child who was in a jovial mood started to annoy his sisters, Little Miss as usual took the bait and began to get up set.

" Calm down rabes." the Man Child joked.

" DON'T CALL ME RABES!!!" Little Miss yelled

" Oh NO, mum, I think Milly definitely has rabies... getting in a rage from a simple comment is the second sign..."

All week at some point in the day someone has referred to her as Rabes. At first she was upset but now she realises that if she does not want to keep the nickname for life she had better not react. Turns out the kids have nicknames for each other that I had never previously known before they are as follows

Little Miss - Humpback your dads fat. ( though now it has been replaced with Rabes)
Miss Independent - Skelator
Miss Thinker - Pimple Bum
The Man Child - Chubby
Big Miss -Freckle fart from Kmart ( but she decided to try and start a new name of Goldielocks, it just doesn't have the same ring to it does it?)
Mr Cheeky- Devil
Littlest Miss- Brat ( though Miss Thinker goes further and gives her entire nickname- Annoying little brat child)

How is that? What horrible siblings! Though they do all assure me they are meant and said with love! Must run in the family as My Beloved's nickname ( that I call him) is fat boy .Mine is  unknown because as he told me I call you a lot of things, just not to your face ;)  Sadly I'd better clarify he is more than likely joking OK!


  1. I have a man-child who loved to tease his little brothers (he turns 20 in 11days).They are delighted he is visiting this long w/e.

    My sister was the hypochrondric and the one who always cried wolf.

    My twins call each other lots of things but use brute force for more effect.

    LOL My hub sounds exactly like yours ;) - never says it to my face.

    1. You know then Trish, the hilarity of all above then I am sure! As for husbands, I think all the sensible ones keep the nicknames for the 'missus' on the down low. ;) hehehe


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