Monday, 8 July 2013

The Granny Flat

I have been absent for some time now. Doing things like dealing with two weeks of school holidays. Normally I love school holidays. But these past two weeks have not been fun. Not for the kids and not for My Beloved and I. We have been working and slaving.

It started when I couldn't take my Beloved's complaining about our sleeping arrangements. Being the oldest of five kids and growing up not to far from where we live now I know how important it is for you to have your own space as a kid, especially when there are a few of you. My Beloved on the other hand grew up in suburbia, the oldest of two kids and  therefore doesn't have a bloody clue! Well, he doesn't!.

'I am sick of our bedroom being surrounded by kids.' was the general complaint, it was worded differently depending on what was or was not happening at any given time.

'The kids HAVE to have their own space love.' I'd say.

'So do we!' he'd whine.

'We DO!!' I'd counter and so on and so forth.

Finally I snapped.

'RIGHT! You want a room not surrounded by kids? Then you need to build the granny flat.' I said.

'That would be great but I dont have the time.'

With three jobs and our two business ( still working at the tour business) he was not making excuses so I couldn't say anything. Though I did. ;) Coz that is how I roll.

'Well of it bothers you that much you'll have too find time or shut the hell up!'

Yes, I know. I should have been better than that and just been 'supportive' but I do hate people whining at me. ;)

One night after he had left for work and Big Miss had spent all day rearranging her bedroom into a 'mini' bedsit type deal ( though minus the bathroom and kitchen) I sat down and thought about how I could give everyone what they wanted without having to pay someone else and for that matter without it costing a small fortune.

It was not long after that I had an ingenious idea. IF we could somehow turn what is currently an old piggery but long used as a shed into the guesthouse I have always wanted it to be, we could get The Man Child and Big Miss out of the house ( and that bloody pool table taking up space in our lounge room). Which would mean we could reclaim our old Bedroom ( i.e the biggest in the house) and everyone still gets their own rooms.

'I am a genius!' I proclaimed to an empty lounge room. No one is ever around when I have genius moments or when the house is immaculate, both of which don't keep me up at nights, but it would be great if just once, someone other than the pets  were around to witness it!Then, after my self-congratulatory rush I realised we'd need to buy doors and window and more bricks and tin for the roof and, well lots of stuff. I was a little annoyed at how not genius I had turned out to be.

Because I do love a good daydream I decided to pretend we had all the items needed and I'd just plan it all regardless. Which was the smartest thing I could of done because I soon discovered we had two windows and a sliding door that could be moved from the current placement  ( in our house) and use them in the granny flat. That did mean some bricking up would be required and as luck would have have it could also mean we could 'brick up' a fire place in our bedroom ( where one of the windows is currently 'living'). I was a genius again and I knew that My beloved would be seduced not only by having our old room back but also by the fireplace idea. It was doable!

I waited til he was home the following morning and I hit him with it.

'OH MY GOD ADAM!' I sort of shouted at him. 'I have had  THE MOST ingenious idea!!'

'Sure!' He mocked me, laughing. 'I'll be the judge of genius around here.' he added smiling.

I told him all about it and dragged him from room to room selling the idea. I ended with the icing on the cake, the fireplace.

'Of course, with this window gone,' I said as his eyes glazed over with an 'oh my god that is a LOT of work' look 'We could replace it with a fire place! A Fire Place!' I said again.' Imagine going to sleep with a fire going, how romantic.' I said nudging him suggestively ( hey what ever works!!) he laughed, but I knew I had sold it!

'You know,' he said to me ' I do actually have enough tin to cover the shed...'

'YESSSSSSSSS!' I shrieked. ( I get excited easily it seems.)

We have been planning, discussing and even started doing some of the requirements towards turning the shed from, well, a shed to a basic but fully liveable granny flat. There is no plumbing going in, I figure I'll be assured to actually see the bigger two that way, because everyone has to use the toilet and bathe after all!

Stay tuned for more. I am soooooooo excited! :D

Rusty red tin, corregated iron, old sheds
The Man Child pulling the old rusty tin off the shed roof. One photo for now...
I want more work to have passed before I bombard you all with pics!


  1. You're so funny. Favorite sentence "I am a genius!" I proclaimed to an empty lounge room. Just checking it to say hello after last night I was having dinner with a friend in Oxford, Mississippi, and heard someone speaking with an Australian accent and thought of you x

    1. Hello Phyllis. :) I am glad you liked it. You might be interested to know that I often use those exact words, though the room it is proclaimed in does vary.

      I hope you enjoyed your dinner and that Australian you heard was doing my country proud.xx

  2. Gorgeous photo! and I"m liking your blog a lot - good luck with the reno's - everyone needs their own space after all!!

    1. Hi Emily! Thank you. :) I just popped over to your blog and read all about Pumpkin's 'deathglare'. I had to laugh as Ava (Littlest Miss) has some doozey 'deathglares; as well!


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