Thursday, 24 May 2012

I have been painting walls today, well a part of a 13m long wall and all of a 3m wall. The house is feeling cosier than ever and if I had a decent pic I would put it in but as I dont I wont.

The first 14sm of tile is down along with the 'bullnose' edge of the tile acting as a fancy skirting board. They are a lovely terracotta (in all its varying shades) I decided the white rendered walls looked horrid against them and today went and brought a very orange (think pumkin flesh) paint from Pascol called Autumn Leaf. My beloved and I had painted every wall in the house that colour years ago and it was nice until I decided that white would look better... It does not!!

 So now I am in the process of figuring out what walls will be orange and what colour the other walls will be. I have painted on a black from New Look Paints called Faenza but as it will be covered in black framed photos and a huge eggplant coloured lounge it will hardley be noticed.

I already have a dark brown render called coffee brown on a couple of low walls with gold stencils so I have enough dark colours going on. Lucky the kitchen is white after all ( I wanted a chocolate coloured kitchen but it was too expensive, for my budget). So off I go to sleep tonight thinking about colours and paint chips and tiles. I will be glad when we are finished. It is actually quite exhausting!!

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