Tuesday, 1 May 2012

When I Was A Girl

I have had a couple of requests for a back ground on  My beloved & Me so here is part 1- ME!!

When these two met and fell in love. They married. Barrie & Doreen  had three kids. Greg, Trevor & Ricki. They lived in Sydney and visited their families in the Blue Mountains on holidays.

This is Greg. My Daddy.

Meanwhile in England. These two met & fell in love. Howard & Jean got Married. They had Jane, Richard,Paula and Adrian. They often had camping holidays.

This is Paula. My Mummy.

Greg was about this old when Paula was born. (I said ABOUT)

When Paula was this old she came to Australia for a working holiday. (From what I understand no one was fond of her boyfriend at the time and a visit with her Aunts, Uncles & Grandparents in Brisbane Australia was in order!)

* Watch this space for updates... two photos are missing i.e I forgot to get them from mummy & Daddy. ;) *

Then after a while. Greg & Paula married... in November 77 and Emma was born in May 78 hmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Very fitting considering they were married at the Wayside Chappel in the middle of KINGS CROSS Sydney. The only place at the time that would wed interfaith couples.
For the sake of everyone's eyeballs I shall skip baby pics. We moved from Sydney to a place in the middle of no where called, for the hell of it, Goomby. With my little sister, Sister #1.

Pretty soon brother #1 came along. We had 2 dogs, well actually more but only 2 at a time.
Drum & Kia and two cats very inventively named, wait for it... Blackie & White. I loved Blackie.
The shed/stable in the background actually fell down many years later during a cyclone with our horses Amigo & Shelala in it! But they were not harmed. (luckeeeeeeeeeeee)

The house looked like this at the time. Yes we lived in it. It does not look like it from the outside but inside was lovely, well as lovely as it could be! And quite often the main thing you would see around our place was ...

Mum & Dad doing this sort of thing. When Dad was not traveling away for work as a Bricklayer of course. Mum would be at home with us. She made all our bread, we got milk from a local dairy (back when it was allowed) and had a chicken pen and vege patch. I remember her killing & gutting a chicken once, she hated it and didn't do it too regularly. Now don't go feeling sorry for my mum she really wouldn't like it!

 Look at our play table, so that's why I love Mission Brown paint. So many fun happy memories in the backyard play area.

Along came brother #2 I spoilt him rotten.

In between building the house & working away dad & mum took us to all sorts of places that are local, this is the duck ponds. But we went to the beaches and bays, rock pools and climbed mountains we even drove through a field of lions that came up to our car window. I remember mum freaking out & dad making out like we were on safari & the car had broken down. Later that day I rode an elephant,a camel & a donkey. I remember a horde of Lorikeets too.
Somewhere between all that sister #2 was born.

When mum wasn't helping dad build or us kids she was doing a lot of this. She started her Salon when we were a little older but had always been cutting hair. (That lovely red head is my Jean remember her from way up the top of this post?)

One day dad fell off this (the local council had spilt oil on the road and just covered it with some sand.) He was coming home from a trip away for work and he said after he came to he could see all his 100 dollar bills fluttering around the road and hobbled around on a broken ankle and seriously scraped up thigh (two different legs) to pick them up. He couldn't work (bricklaying) again for seven years.  Sooooooooooo
He started up a football club (as you do) so for years there was a LOT of football talk, teams, watching, playing fundraising & fun. (Which is actually hell for a book worm)

By that time we looked like this and I met my beloved. 

 And the house still wasn't finished!

Come back tomorrow for My Beloved 'When I Was A Boy'

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