Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My Sister-In-Laws

I was going to post about something else tonight. But I felt seeing as my sister in law M (for privacy reasons ;p) is having a baby in four weeks time (my 8th niece) and my beautiful brother asked his long suffering girlfriend R (see M) to marry him. And my other sister in law D (err you've got it by now yeah?) is just plain awesome. I would write about how lucky they are to have us as their family... 

Now yes it is true there are a lot of us. But seeing as birthdays, Christmas and Easter are not hugely traditional affairs for our family (aside from camping, camping and wishing that the present was camping) they will never have to figure out where they are going for those bigger events like Christmas. They wont have to buy ridiculously expensive presents and not that many Easter eggs either. 

We are happy for them to live their lives the way they choose. They don't have to worry about us rocking up at their door for the weekend with very little warning descending like a plague of locusts. And when we do they are pretty much assured of take out for dinner so no extra cooking and washing up and better still the kids must clean up all areas they were in regardless of whether they made the mess or not. They don't have to worry about us telling them what we think they should be doing or not doing because we are usually too busy 'doing' our lives. And well, we are also really, really great people!

In return we get wonderful women into our extended family and short of it being detrimental to our big little family. We will do anything for them. We get awesome nieces and nephews even the ones that live far away can be assured we love them and think they are great. After all these women put up with my brothers and in the case of D has been putting up with My Beloved for YEARS! ;p With mothers day not far around the corner I really think we should designate a day to sister in laws too!

CONGRATULATIONS Brother#1 and R on your engagement. It is fantastic to see you entertaining the notion of spending the rest of your lives together and going forth! Oh you brave, brave souls! You have noooooooooooooooo idea what you are in for!

 R, Men are like small children and can actually be even worse sometimes. And Brother #1 if you really want to live a happy life remember this simple fact... 'If Mumma ain't happy, ain't NOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY happy'     Capiche?

I AM SO excited Brother#2 and M, I can't wait to meet my Beautiful little niece L. M you are going to be a great Mumma! After all you are putting up with her Papa!! ;P

And D, poor poor D, you have been putting up with My Beloved for so long
now you really should get a medal! tehe. And you know what I am talking about! ;p

So hands up who thinks that sister in laws need their own special day? Lord knows I do!

DISCLAIMER For all intents and purposes we will endeavour to always offer takeout at some point after our arrival,make sure your house is at the very least presentable after we leave to the best of our abilities. HONEST! :)

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