Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been a tad busy this last week. It seems that when things settle a bit, one of us gets bored with normality and decides too 'DO' something! Last week it was more tiling as My Beloved had a week of no work. It started off pretty well and continued that way. 

Our initial hiccup earlier in the week was not a sign of what was to come. We managed to work together well. I did let the team down a bit, I was tired and after moving what I term my/our office 'mini library' (onto our bed) I did not put it back for two days. YES! I know. I did however manage to do other less important 'jobs'. I also let the washing, pile ... just a bit you understand.

I also have family photographs coming up on Tuesday, I have a theme of 'Mad Hatters Tea Party/ Fancy Dress'. The photos will be at low tide on the 'mudflats' of a local bay and I have plans on dragging tables and chairs and decorating it 'Tea Party' style.  We will be wearing white/black or hot pink colours with Fasinators all of which I am making, have made or will make... with just two days to go.The boys will be wearing hats as I dont think any man can pull off a fasinator!

I have spent 70 dollars on a few bits and will probably spend 30 tomorrow on 'bits'. I brought a wedding dress from a local St Vinnies  and have made Big Miss, Little Miss, Miss Independent and will make Littlest miss' dress also. 

NOW, when I say made I mean 'pulled out a cinderella dressup for Miss Independent and added lace and fabric too it, so there was no real skill there!

Little Miss' dress is actually a ladies leotard I found at the same store for 3.50. I had to make a skirt from the lining of the wedding dress and the lace to make some 'sleeves'.

Big Miss is going to be wearing the altered dress (it was a 12, now an 8). With some hot pink ruffles around the edges.

Littlest Miss will be wearing a 'creation' that I have yet to create... The fasinators, well they will be easy! (famous last words!)

All the above was written Saturday night I was too damn tired to finish it and I have spent every waking moment since then 'making' the girls clothes. See above on the term 'making'.

Today was photo day and it was a restful morning, My Beloved and I slept in till 7.30 and the kids didn't go to school *slaps wrist*. By 8.30 however it dawned on me that the dress I was to wear, was not 'nursing mother friendly' so I did what I do best in these situations and panic. I grabbed the lining of what was Big Miss' dress (originally a wedding dress, NO not mine!) and started to make a skirt, It looked OK but I could not find a top to suit and I started to panic again! 

I was side tracked by the Man Child's complaints at having to be in the photo and for the first time EVER in his schooling life,suggesting he go to school.  It was around then that I said, for the first time during the day. 

' Family photos are about the mother! Not the kids. You wear what I want you to wear and you smile, got me?'

I spent three hours doing last minuet things and dropping the girls at  my  mothers place to do their hair. I realised early on that there was just NO way I was going to get it done myself. With half an hour to go before we were MEANT to leave for the 'location' (oooh sounds so professional doesn't it?) I realised that Big Miss's hair was going to take me too long to do and I still did not know what I was wearing. I think I actually started to hyperventilate! 

So I grabbed everything we needed, and decided a black dress in my cupboard would be my attire for the day, 'ran home to mummy' who did Big Miss's hair whilst I dressed every one. Littlest Miss's pink ruffles skirt was being un-co-operative and I tugged a little too hard at the elastic and it snapped dropping 2 metres of fuchsia netting to the ground. I threw the skirt in disgust and started to tell my self, out loud mind you ( crazy lady) to chill out, it is just a photo session, no-bodies lives actually hung in the balance.

With everyone dressed it was my turn to do my hair and we were only (at that point) 10 minutes late of our scheduled departure time. Mum SAVED the day! ( Love you mummy). 

Finally we set off in two cars, 20 minutes late. Whilst filling up his car with diesel My Beloved said

 'errrr that tyres flat, pull up by the air so I can fill it. Have you rung the photographer yet to tell her we are still 30 minutes away?'

'Um No, ooops.'

'Yeah well, you might want to think about doing that ey?'

So I did and eventually we got there 42 minutes late...  

The photographer from now on in known as Tracey did a fantastic job and I have only one pic to show you now, BUT it is a sign of the brilliance to come when I ramble on about the shoot its self in my next post with more awesome photos.

 Go here to check out her facebook page. And speaking of Facebook, go here to check My 7 Little Australians out too! ;)

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