Sunday, 1 July 2012

Are We Ready... Yet?

Last night I went to bed early, actually I passed out putting Mr Cheeky and Littlest Miss to sleep. I can only assume they were both asleep before I crashed. This morning I woke up and put the dryer on. I was meant to do it before I went to sleep. So at 6 am everyone was woken up. 

'Come on we have stuff to do.' I said to My Beloved who just looked at me and said 'Coffee.'

'Here.' I said as I passed him a cup. 'You have to get there early remember.'

'I know.'

Because of My Beloved's tendency of leaving things to the last minuet and my assumption that you can just rock up at camp grounds without notice ( well that is not entirely true but you know what I am saying) we did not ring the owners of the camp grounds till yesterday afternoon. The owners daughter informed My Beloved that they were off on holiday till Thursday.

'What?' I said when he told me that we wouldn't be going after all. 'Ok, oh well we can do some gardening and stuff then.' I said.

'We could go to the beach?.' he suggested.

'Dream on, love.' I said and laughed. Between us I would have broken and said 'Oh OK, like I always do. But he can NEVER know that.

 My Beloved decided that there must be some kind of mistake, or he really did not want to spend the week gardening there is no real way of telling.

' I will try the mobile number.' he said.

'You can not do that!' I said. 'That is like harassment or something.'

'Well, you can not have a camp ground and go on holidays during the holidays.' he said 'It doesn't make sense.'

 This coming from a man, who after a lightning strike blew up our TV, spent days trying to 'fix it'. He could get picture and sound but never together. He came out to me after trying for most of the day and said, very seriously... 'Its got me *stuffed* why that TV wont work!' 

'Maybe because they want a holiday?' I suggested.

He rang them anyway and by the end of the conversation he said he would be there before nine to see them before they left and to pay our fees. Problem solved he said. 

So that left me with last night and this morning to get the clothes and everything else packed. This morning has now turned into this afternoon, well it will be by the time I hit publish anyway. I have Miss Independents shirts to dry then we are off... To get the food and some new ugg boots for the three little girls. 
Nearly packed... just need kids

But when we do get there My Beloved and the Man Child will have everything set up and that means my holiday can really start... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, not long now. 

How long mum?

Can we go now?


  1. Haha, thanks for the giggle! I truly hope you have a wonderful holiday! :)

    1. Thank you Mamamia! We plan on doing some canoeing and bushwalking tomorrow. If all goes well we may even go on the 'long walk' too. :) I am glad you had a giggle! :)


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