Monday, 30 July 2012

The 'New For Us' Car

I have written four posts and half way through all four I stopped. I just was not 'feeling' them. I am not feeling this one either truth be told. But you gotta actually DO a blog post occasionally, I imagine.

Today My Beloved (finally) bought the car he has been 'buying' the past two weeks. i am relieved because now I can brazenly spend what ever money we have left. If it were not for the fact his 4wd is getting far to 'long in the tooth' and the car will be given to the Man Child once he gets his P's i probably would have chucked a wobbly.


BECAUSE it is a SEDAN!!!!!!

This is not it but it is what it looks like, now how is that gonna fit 9 people in it?
I figure  seeing as we have five kids in school I may just 'zip' around in the thing when I go into town and don't actually have to buy anything for the family ,like groceries because quite honestly there would not be enough room for two kids myself and the groceries...

I drive one of these
Again this is not mine. Mine has pink hub caps, pink wipers, a bit of rust on the roof and eyelashes.... YES, eyelashes. Looooooooooong story. Think Mothers Day and 7 kids, well actually they were My Beloveds idea.
Night all! 

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