Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Strike A Pose

Now I am aware that other peoples family photos are like looking at other peoples family holiday slides... no one REALLY wants to see them all but they do, you know to be polite. The same rule applies here, though I will only show you the ones I love, actually I love them all so the ones I REALLY love.

Back: The Man Child, Miss Independent, Big Miss, Little Miss
Front: Littlest Miss, Mr Cheeky and Miss Thinker

The Man Child was not really interested in the whole dress up version of a family pic, but as I told him, repetitively, that day. Family photos are not really about the family they are about the mum ( or whoever it is in the family who wants them done) so he was to sit there and smile! 

My Beloved and the Man Child do not seem to have gotten the bare foot memo, though because they are my 'boys' I have 'let it go'.

As is the norm for me I knew the pics where coming up but did very little to prepare and when there was four days till photo time I stared to organise the dress ups. I was also told that My Beloved was buying a car and basically my budget was $0. I admit I panicked, then went to a second hand store and bought an old wedding dress for fifty dollars after cutting and sewing it ended up dressing Big Miss and I made two other skirts for Little Miss and Miss Independent (though luckily the photographer had white dresses and the girls chose to ignore my handiwork and wear the dresses, not that I blame them mind!)

Big Miss and Littlest Miss

Though it probably is not obvious Big Miss's hair was an awful lot of work and I think she puts every girl in the world to shame, of course I am her mother.. I am expected to say that even when it IS true. ;p  Littlest Miss's 'Fasinator' was not however as difficult as it may look to have made. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
We decided to get any 'formal' posing out of the way early so that we could get some more natural shots, well maybe not natural.... CANDID is the word. For example in this shot, I have just finished shovelling some cake into my mouth and look real close at Littlest Miss, she has cream all over her cheeks...

Big Miss was a fantastic help the whole morning of the photos, I realised that I did not have anything to wear ( my dress was not breast feeding friendly) I got a little 'emo' about that and Big Miss looked through my wardrobe and found a black dress for me.... I have a lot of dresses I never wear and it was one of them.

The girls all looked wonderful and the disicion to use just black white and pink was a great one it looks fantastic against the sand and the she oaks and gum trees.

The Man Child actually smiled for some pics too. Which was great considering he did ask half way through the shoot 'What happened to the good old days when they just took one photo of you and left you alone to play your Ipod?'

As punishment, he had to take a photo with his mother. Mwhahahahahahaha!

He did not have a problem having one taken with his father how ever! 

We had cake and bikkies on our 'Mad Hatters' table. The kids did very well NOT to eat it straight away... I did too, just quietly.

 Now don't fool your selves there will be more photos... just not on this post. :)

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