Monday, 8 October 2012

621 Days Later

Today, 621 days after Miss Independents 7th birthday, she FINALLY got her ears pierced. It is a 'tradition' in our family that when the girls are 7 they get their ears pierced. Big Miss and Little Miss got their ears pierced within a few days of their 7th birthdays.

That's how it worked for all of us girls growing up. When we turned 7 we got our ears pierced and bought a baby doll. I got an anatomically correct 'African' baby boy , at least that is what I called him ( I loved everything African when I was 7and 8 then I became Inca obsessed . His name is George ( Benson- yes seriously...) I still have him and still love him.

But the actual point I am trying to get to here is that in OUR family when you are 7 you get your ears pierced during that same week! Not 621 days later! So today I decided to pick her up from school ten minutes early and take her to get her ears done. She was so brave that she didn't want me standing next to her when she got each ear done ( usually two women do it but Alannah wanted it done and was not interested in waiting another day!)

When it was done we bought chips and hung out in the car eating them and talking about 'when I was a girl'. We stopped off to buy some paint for my veranda and we came home to ooohs and ahhhhhs at how beautiful Miss Independent's earrings were. I didn't take photos, even though I meant to so that was disappointing  but as I said to Miss Independent on the way home

'Aliesha and Amelia didn't get photos either Alannah, and we don't want them to be jealous. So in a way it is lucky we forgot, isn't it?'

'Yeah.' She agreed... 'Hey mum I can't wait til I am 14.'

'Why is that?' I asked

'Because that's when Granddad buys the girls watches and YOU have to give me big, big party.'

True, they are other family traditions as well.

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