Friday, 12 October 2012

The Bright Outdoors 2

I finally finished the veranda wall. Well thats not completely true. I still have to 'cut in'. But if you ignore that rather important fact or squint your eyes when looking towards the doors and windows it looks finished.

The colour is called Dulux Quince jelly and it is very bright but I am very pleased I went with my gut and choose it. I love it!!

I had a hard time finding the inspiration to finish it off on Wednesday I had late nights and was kind of ready to curl into a little ball and just sleep. Instead I finished what I had too and left the 'little details' until I had caught up on some actual house work.

The display 'thing' is still waiting for it's paint job. The house numbers have actually been painted whilst I was typing up this post by the ever helpful Big Miss. She is a good girl, our Aliesha.

So the 'display thing' and the house number and our Hakuna Matata sign still have some touch ups required.

'I left the cutting in till after I have caught up on the washing.' I told My Beloved when he mentioned it on his return home from his tour and taxi shift Thursday night, actually it was Friday morning at 3am.

'Is that what we are calling cutting in?' he laughed 'It looks like you just couldn't be bothered.' he added with a smile.

'It is what it is.' I said and walked inside.

If you look really closely to where the wall meets veranda you will see a strip of white. I am planning on sanding and staining the veranda next week (please note I said planning!!) so I shall cut in as I go. The inside of the door frames require painting too, they will get done at the same time.

This picture is from the outside looking in on the next area I started to paint, the dining room (moved from the other side of the lounge area). I had to get a  new top for  the table  and I have figured  out what I am going to do... I just need to do it. 

The paints not quite dry but it is done! Yes!... Just need to clean them up and 'she'll be like a bought one!' ;) Oh and just in case you are wondering, the house numbers are old, our house number is actually different now, has been for about five years or so... we just never got around to pulling those 2 numbers down and putting up the 3 that it requires.

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