Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Thrifty Thursday #2

Today being Thursday I figured I might do a Thrifty Thursday post. Now that I have a camera that takes pictures worth uploading I have been using up my MBs uploading photo after photo. This time I am sharing this cute dolls house I found at the recycles It has a chip in the bottom right hand side of its pitched, forest green roof and the odd sign of ‘wear & tear’ (read some kid had lots of fun) but apart from that nothing needs doing, it even has the lino flooring still inside.

I grabbed a few things while I was there I was looking for odd tiles so that I could start framing our doorways and windows but I found very little in that department and when I saw this I thought how perfect it would be for Littlest Miss when she gets a little older. All together I spent $5, I was very happy. I ended up giving it to Miss  Independent instead as her flimsy doll house she got for Christmas last year was getting flimsier by the day!

As I only had Littlest Miss on hand to photograph it this afternoon ( My Beloved took Mr Cheeky and the 3 little girls to the pool as a surprise after school today) I grabbed a few bits and dressed Littlest Miss all ‘Pretty in pink’ and had a ‘photo shoot’ under the fig tree in our front yard. I hope I managed to give you a good look at the dolls house (there were quite a few of just Littlest Miss) and to end I’ll put add one of my littlest Australian too!

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