Tuesday, 20 November 2012

We Bought A Book

Mr Cheeky, Littlest Miss and I came home to find a parcel in the mailbox.

'I'll get it. I'll get it mummy!' Mr Cheeky shrieked as he unbuckled his belt and climbed over to the driver seat.

'Ok.' I said and opened the door, it is the same thing every time. I pull up at the mailbox and say 'Oh look, there is some mail. I wonder what it is?' Though it is usually bills these days, or junk mail, it makes no difference to Mr Cheeky collecting the mail is like the holy grail to him... he'd even collect all our neighbours mail from their mailboxes if I would just stop the car and let him.

'A PARCEL!' he said 

'A Parcel?' I said trying to remember if I had bought anything from eBay that had yet to arrive or if I had suddenly forgotten somebodies birthday. Then I remembered I'd bought a book.
I had briefly scanned over some reviews about the book  Vicky Arrives and the comments of it being a 'relateable' book for the commenter's children made me think I'd give it a whirl, 'What is the worst thing that could happen? I'd have another children's book in the house?' 

'Come on,' I said, 'Lets go read the new book.' Mr Cheeky is not usually a fan of sitting still and I was hoping that by some magical happening he'd see the book, become transfixed and sit still for at least half an hour.

 We sat down and we read the first of the of the four stories all about a little boy called Jakey whose mummy goes to have a baby, he meets her and they bring her home. The thing that Mr Cheeky liked most ( apart from Jakey being his 'friend' and Vicky being his sisters 'friend') was that Jakey had to share a room with his baby sister. 'Me too Mum, I share with Ava too!' he said. I liked reading it also, I could relate to the story to, in fact anyone who has had a baby and introduced them to an older child could. We read one more story called Nanna's Visit and it was time to organise homework, baths and dinner.

While the girls did their homework and the bath ran, I told Mr Cheeky to find something to do. You can imagine my surprise when it was sitting quietly reading.  Of course I stuffed that up by taking this photo, the spell was broken.
Proof of homework and reading being done, on this occasion without complaint!!

Homework was the feature for the next hour and those that had finished got to have a read of what was fast becoming 'MY BOOK' if Mr Cheeky was to be believed. The Man Child and Miss Independent were the last to finish ( The Man Child left his Xbox to help his sister make a 'poem' about sand, crab, waves and fish... he did not want to mind you). Mean while Biggest Miss read the book to Mr Cheeky and Littlest Miss and I made dinner.

Even Ava wanted to 'read' though at one point she did manage to get hold of the book and the corner went straight into her mouth. 'NO' Mr Cheeky said 'Don't eat it bubba Okay?' Littlest Miss just laughed at him.

On the whole the book was well liked everyone commented on what they remembered about the time I had come home with their younger brother or sister. The stories, Moving and Vicky's Birthday, meant I was asked when they were having their next birthday party, I told them it would probably be around the time it was actually their birthday.

So the book is definitely a hit here. The stories and pictures are perfect for Mr Cheeky and even Little Miss who thinks she is a teenager. It is a hard cover ( which means it will survive Littlest Miss occasionally getting hold of it). I am actually glad the link to buy the book was posted on our Facebook Page and if you want to know more about the book and the special offer of a NAME YOUR PRICE deal then go to Jakey and Vicky books I chose the hardcover and I am happy as my purchase means the Smith Family Foundations Toy and Book Appeal will have a book donated to them for disadvantaged kids. It is a win win really! :)

The two book marks that arrived with it were also a hit! Miss Thinker and Little Miss scored those!


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