Wednesday, 7 November 2012

We Won The Lotto... Kinda

We were rather excited around our house this morning, well I was.  We managed to send the kids off on time to catch the bus. I also discovered that I still had a chance at winning the lotto! Here in Q.L.D some lucky bastard has won 29.7 or is it 27.9 million dollars! I don't really care too much which amount it is who ever has won that is RICH! Rich I tells ya! And I was kinda hoping it was me.

Naturally many other people in Queensland bought a ticket so the chances were slim, but not as slim as they were before the rest of the country was ruled out. I know four people in Queensland didn't win. Two messaged me after the draw last night to inform me and to find out if I too had lucked out.

'Hey,' My sister in law messaged. 'Did you win?'

'Probably not.'

'Me neither.'

'Ad isn't home til late and he has the ticket. So I coulda!'

'Wouldn't it be great?'

'It would be awesome!!'

Then I forgot about it til this morning when I came back in from the bus stop.

'Someone in Queensland has won.' My Beloved told me. 'They don't know who or where.'

'It is probably us.' I said 'I know I have won it.'

You see every year for about 10 years I pick the winner of the Melbourne Cup, except 3 years ago.. I think the problem was I actually put a bet down on it. If I had have done what I do normally and tell My Beloved the name of the horse that happens 'to take my fancy' the morning of the cup and ask him to put five dollars on it (he never does and it always wins) I would have picked Green Moon, the name alone would have sold me.

I know absolutely NOTHING about horses, horse racing or betting so it is a fluke every time. This year I was focused on winning the 100 million dollar OZ lotto and I did not even check the horses names and colours in the lift out the paper provides. I just went about folding clothes. I didn't even watch the race, even though I had 'glammed' up for the occasion...

I ended up rearranging our bedroom and I found these.
I rang My Beloved to remind him to buy a ticket. He was driving taxis and I knew he would be busy, I wanted to make sure he got a ticket. the conversation was very short.

'Hey babe!'

'Hello darl, listen I have a wheelchair ring back in five OK.'

' Just get a lotto ticket. I am going to win this thing. OK bye!'

It was much later I received messages questioning if I'd won. I started to wonder and then imagine. It was not until just before lunch today My Beloved checked the ticket.

'We won....' he mumbled (something else that I didn't hear) to me from the lounge room whilst I stood in the bedroom on the other side of the house.

'We what?' I said as I walked into the hall.

'We got four numbers, it isn't anything but...'

'Oh my god!! I knew it! I said it. Didn't I ? Huh? Huh?'

'It isn't anything big, we were one number away on every number...'

'Oh who cares we won the bloody lotto baby!' I laughed

Yes, perhaps it was only $21.10 but we won the lotto. That was what I said I would be doing yesterday, all of last week. Congrats to those who won a share in the $100 million!!

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