Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Date Night

Found this image in Google search for Vintage romantic couple. It came up with a lot. But I love, love, love this one. 
My Beloved and I toyed with the idea of having a 'date night' tonight. We even went as far as to gather all the kids up and tell them that we MAY be going out for dinner at the local Silky Oak Tea Gardens and that they would be staying home for two hours. ( Mr Cheeky and Littlest Miss would be making it a double date.)

The Man Child and Big Miss were rather put out.

'What?' Big Miss said 'No, please go! Leave us here to die.' she joked.

'I am in charge everyone.' the Man Child said as he tackled Little Miss onto our bed and started to pretend to pull her arm over her head.

'Stop it!' she squealed. Mr Cheeky jumped up and landed on top of them and before you could say 'stop that' everyone was wrestling on our bed. I looked at My Beloved and said what we were both thinking out loud.

'Well this is what they will be like, I am not leaving them.'

' They have the car and a phone so...' My Beloved said, trying to hold onto what was fast becoming a unrealistic goal.

'Nope I said look at them!' I pointed to what was basically a ball of arms and legs. With the Man child picking up Mr Cheeky and softly slam dunking him on top of whoever happened to be in the way. Littlest Miss was watching and laughing from the safely of my hip and I left the room.

Looks like #11 on my To Do List is not happening any time soon then, Pity I was looking forward to it.

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