Saturday, 23 June 2012

We went into town to buy a present for a birthday 'dance party' tonight. Excitedly, Little Miss and her friend, Miss thinker and Miss Independent 'helped' as I put Littlest Miss in the carrier and unbuckled Mr Cheeky. Off we went to the nearest 'cheap shop'.

Before we went in I told everyone. 'OK do not touch anything!, Do not ask me for anything! We are getting a present from you all and that is all! OK?'

'OK.' they all said in unison. Not even five seconds later Mr Cheeky ran off shrieking for me to 'see' something. It was naturally a whole shelf of very breakable figurines.

'Get away from there!' I said in my 'in public' voice, you know the one that is just slightly higher in tone than your normal voice.

He did and moved on to the magnets,situated in the crockery and glassware isle. WHY? Meanwhile the four girls were bombarding me with questions, opinions and general chit chat. I gave Mr Cheeky the basket to be in charge of and listened to the girls intently. By the time we had progressed down the isle I wished I had only half listened. My stress levels had jumped from zero to 60 and I just wanted to say 'SHUT UP.OH DEAR GOD PLEASE! SHUT UP!'

A pink purse and a flashing bouncing ball had made their way into the basket and I didn't care. I was unable to concentrate and I just wanted to go home. I gave Little Miss the Ipod at that stage to take pics as I just was not able too think of it. As we browsed, discussed,argued and in one instance cried (not mum but only because 'big girls don't cry) we managed to get most of the presents sorted. 'That will be $32.50' the lady said. Yep here take the money I thought as I paid her and waited for the receipt. There were 'fake' Barbies and bowling set and bangles and pony set, which Mr Cheeky had decided was for him and refused to put down (The crying). Pens and other bits.

'But I didn't pick anything Miss Independent and Miss Thinker whined. 'Oh for goodness sake!' I wanted to say, but instead I calmly said. 'Thats OK, we are spending $10 each so we will go in here and spend $10.  OK!'

'Two tens are twenty mum' Little Miss said.

'Yes it is. Thank you Milly.' I said and kept walking.

Enjoy Little Miss' Photography

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