Saturday, 16 June 2012

Money Does Grow On Trees, You Know!

This afternoon, after arriving home from the park we pulled up to a 'pile' of toys on the back veranda. Daddy had seen Aunt Dani and she didn't need some of the toys she had. The kids were quite excited and very quietly shrieked about it. (They had to be quiet as daddy drove all last night and needs his sleep, in fact as I write this his snores can be heard from inside the lounge room.) 

It was decided we would stay outside, till we couldn't stand it any longer to give dad a better chance at a decent sleep. So for nearly 2 hours we have been outside 'playing' shops, well the kids have, mum has been sitting in the booster seat alternating child caring with computer stuff ( facebook).

There has been a Lemonade stand, a Sausage Roll stand along with a shop and some Market Stalls. Everyone even Big Miss has been participating in the 'retail games'.  
It is the first time in a long time that we'd been out the back other than to park the car as, what was once a lovely gardened area, is now a near 'barren wasteland. Thanks to my hormones and the very early stages of pregnancy. I decided the week before I found out I was pregnant that everything out the back looked like total crap and must go. So literally the next day I hired a back hoe and flattened it all. After getting the Man Child to pull out 300 bulbs and two Jasmines. My Beloved came home from three days away to the news that later that day it was all to be destroyed... he was not very pleased... but what can you do when your wife is hell bent on digging dirt up in the back yard? NOD and SMILE, would be my advice.
Some grass has grown back, and when it is not sunny a wonderful mud pit is available for Mr Cheeky and Miss Thinker to drive their mother crazy with. And visitors, well they had to 'swim' to get in. But I did not care. I was getting a walled courtyard out the back and knowing how My Beloved works (literally and figuratively) he'd HAVE to hate it before he would start on the idea I wanted. 
So the appearance of new toys and a requirement of staying outside has produced very good results. The girls take turns buying and selling and every now and then the game is interrupted by Mr Cheeky who suddenly can not possibly allow the 'sale' of an item and runs off with it, crying should anyone dare take it. But on the whole a very fun, happy and sharing afternoon has been had.
Only the 'green' has been accepted... leafy green to be exact. And everyone seems to have more than enough to buy what they like.
 'I want my money back.' Miss Thinker told Miss Independent.

'Go and get some off that tree.' was the reply.

So there you have it folks, Money does grow on trees! Who'd have thunk it?

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