Saturday, 23 June 2012

School Holiday Shenanigans

Every year during School Holidays we camp. Everyone loves it, except mummy. Now the theory around here is. 'It is because she is a stick in the mud.' But that is simply not true. If for example we were to 'camp' the night (or many more) here I'd be Little Miss Blue Lagoon!
But we usually camp in accommodation that inspires a more Sea Witch persona in me. The reality is usually more like this. Granted after  storm and a king tide, but I think you get my point! 

'You used to like camping.' My Beloved says to me when ever the holidays draw closer and I start muttering under my breath about the camping holiday that he, and his family start organising. ( It seems to be because that is what they 'do' everyone else in the world wants to as well.) Though it must be said they have always camped when ever possible since childhood so it does seem very strange to learn others do not like camping.
Some even claim it is relaxing...

'Really?,' I say 'was that before or after we had children?' 
or if I am particularly miffed I say other more 'colourful' things.

Last year, heavily pregnant with Littlest Miss I refused to go point blank! 

'No way in hell am I going to sit in the sun with sand and summer storms, king tides and sand flies FORGET IT!' I said, with quite a few 'bad' words peppering that sentence.
Now don't get me wrong everyone has a great time. This was Christmas lunch one year.

I did not regret it for a second and I even let all the kids go with daddy for a few days. Naturally they all enjoyed themselves. Though daddy did bring the youngest four home earlier then expected and was quite glad to be home... A case of reality strikes, I figure. 
Even though we are not camping in this pic that is usually what I look like and if I don't it is what I feel like! ;p

This year we are camping again but not until the second week of the holidays and not at the beach either. We found an awesome local camping area. No where near the beach and actually just up the road from some gorgeous rock pools.

 Not that we will visit them I'd say as a river creek runs through it (the camping area) and it has awesome things to do. Even has its own cute little 'beach' i.e sand dumped along the waters edge for the little kids to play in whilst the bigger kids swim, canoe,fish,bush walk around and mum sits in a camp chair playing with the grass under her feet (as opposed to sand). Just hope there are no mossies out.
The only worry I will have, is the drowning worry, but as I have that at the beach when camping and I tend to be a helicopter parent when ever the kids are not at home ( I am better and at home I tend to let them play in their rooms without feeling the need to check every five seconds... now it is more like every couple of minuets) we should be right!
They even have tents already available and set up ( I can only assume you need not worry about storms or king tides destroying it, though trees coming down in a storm would be a concern I'd have ;p) We, however are getting an un powered site and setting up our tent, though My Beloved did mention something about taking the caravan down... which, as it is winter, may not be such a bad idea!

I am excited bring on next Sunday!! :)

 Click and check it out. When faced with the fact we had seven kids the owner was not phased or horrified in fact he said great! We want a family atmosphere here. So I guess the more the merrier was what he meant! ;)


  1. Oh yes that's my style of camping :)
    I'm not a fan of camping and I know it's considered a nice cheap holiday for large families, but I hate "roughing it" and the stress leading up to and during does not make for a fun holiday for me. I'd much rather do a cabin.

  2. Oh I am hearing you Peta! I often curse the fool who thought camping was an enjoyable thing to do.I am looking forward to it this time, the first camping holiday I have actually wanted to go on in years!! ( It better be as good as I am imagining!) I just remembered the other 'draw card', toilets and showers!!!!! *fist pumps the air* Toilets AND Showers!! :D

  3. Danielle Sorensen27 June 2012 at 01:07

    Oh Emma do you mean you hate all the hair restyling by the wild wind, the melanoma(?) causing UV rays, the blackening of your sand ravished feet, the theraputic(?) aroma smelling toilets & the EVIL HAUNTING CIKATA(?)....come on....our trips have been fun...when you're ancient & cranky & unable to will remember these days & wish if you could only do one thing would be camping!!!! NNNNOOOTTT !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh Dannii I love you like a sister, you know that. But aside from our late night games of scrabble and the attacking cicadas, oh and the time we were trapped, surrounded by the incoming deluge of the king tide. In the rain. Unable to leave as our cars had water up to the hubcaps of the wheels Camping sucks. What about the time you and I nearly succeeded in holding back the mighty waters with nothing but childrens sand toys and our crazed determination? Oh those were good times I guess. ;p hehehehehe xx


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