Friday, 15 June 2012

''We Will Have Dance Lessons All Around Thanks'

A few months ago Miss Thinker informed me, whilst I chopped the vegetables for some 'concoction' I was making, that Hip Hop was in her soul. I laughed and said 'Really?'

'Yes, you need to take me to dance lessons.'

Now there are a lot of things I need to do, no one around here would argue about that. But Dance lessons? No I don't need too. In fact if I am really truthful I don't even want to! Because If I 'Go there' there will be three other girls who will naturally be expecting dancing lessons also. Oh my purse, Oh My Beloved's wallet!

So after quietly pondering on it for a few weeks I spoke to my sister whose daughter does Ballet,Jazz & Tap, she told me about the fees.

'Hmmmmmm. Thats not bad.' I said when she told me how much she pays a 'term'.
'Just ring this number,' she said to me handing me her phone with the number already dialed.
'Errrrr Can you? I said 'Just get me a price for a 7, 8, 10 & 15yr old will you?'

She laughed and did the 'leg work' for me. After a ten minuet conversation I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Miss Thinker & Miss Independent would be in the same class (Jazz as Hip Hop may be in Miss Thinkers soul but it would be no good for her body!) So a Monday it is. and $140 for both a term seems far better than what I was expecting!

Big & Little Miss will be in the same class on a Friday doing Hip Hop. It is $105 each a term but even that is better than I was expecting. So two days a week in to town for dance is going to be 'my thing'. Good I thought. The kids will be pleased.

Once I told the girls Big Miss started jumping around in a Jazz style dance all around the table, whilst Little Miss started to fret about exactly what she should wear to dance.

'Mum my leggings have a hole here' she said pointing to her butt. 'The other kids will laugh at me' she added.

'Mum I want to do Hip Hop remember' Miss Thinker said.

'Millie, we will buy you 'dance clothes' it will be fine! Lexi, you have to do Jazz, you are too little for hip hop. But when you are old enough you can do it OK?'

'Good' Little Miss smiled. 'I want pink OK?'

'Nooooooooooooooo I HAVE to do Hip Hop mum! I don't wanna do Jam!'

By this time Miss Independent had started 'break dancing' on the floor, Big Miss was still dancing around the table and then dropped to the floor in some attempt to 'show' her break dancing sister what she was doing wrong.

'I said Hip Hop was in my soul mum, not Jam.' Miss Thinker was sitting on a chair looking rather down and Little Miss was off in the bathroom organising her hair for dance. 

'It is Jazz, Lexi, not Jam. Leesh, Narny, get up for goodness sake! You both look like your having fits' I joked. 

Later that night we had the music channel cranked up. The girls and I were dancing around to the top dance songs when I 'broke out' into what I have dubbed the 'Mumma Krump' which is basically a dance style all of its own which only I am a master of. My Beloved was laughing to himself when out of the blue the Man Child pipes up with

 'Mum. Stop that, you look like you're having a fit!'

Wonder if mum can get some cheap dance lessons too?????

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