Friday, 17 August 2012

A Quickie - 'She'... Is Well and Truly Dead

*update*, I found this pic here.

Back in her day My Beloved's car looked like this... when he was 4 it was new... brand new. When he was 17 he bought one at auction. He loved it and had MANY a fun time with it. He was known for taking people out to his car, drink in hand showing all who cared. Quite often I am told the smash of glass on the pavement was a sure sign he was stumbling around his car showing other party goers 'Her'. 

She is what got my attention. It was big and red and fast and a gorgeous guy was driving it... you know what they say about girls... they don't like boys. They like cars and money... I don't agree, I think the cars help the boys get noticed and by the same logic I guess money does too.

After The Man Child came along we did not use the Matador and drove a wagon. :( Saddest day of My Beloved's life he says. We pulled her out occasionally and then back into the shed she'd go. The last time she was out My Beloved was mowing and a stone threw up smashing the drivers window. 

'Cant you just replace it?' I asked as he came in swearing.

'No, you don't just find them lying around. I'd have to order one from America.'


A few weeks later she was parked in the yard ( ON THE FRIGGING DIRT!!!!) and a tarp placed over her. We both knew that it would be years before she saw the light of day and ignored it. Yesterday My Beloved was telling the Man Child if he could just drive it one more time he'd be happy, she'd never be road worthy again, he'd be happy with just driving up the driveway and back.

Today the Man Child decided he would mow the shoulder high grass that has grown around it over the past 6 years since she was parked. He would get a job, fix it up and then dad could drive it again, after which it would naturally become his.

The rust you can see is NOTHING compared to what there is... I cried. Literally!
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Even THAT is NOTHING.
Still not that depressing, nothing a dust couldn't fix...

This is the depressing part.... no not the seats ;) THE Floor! I cried harder when I saw this.

The good news however is the lining on the roof is as good as new. 
'Ash,' I said to the Man Child  'you cant fix this... it would cost far more than the car is worth.' 

'I don't care, I'm going too.'

'It would be cheaper to buy another one.'

'I don't care, I am going too.'

My Beloved really was not joking when he said he never wanted to look at her again because he was scared he'd cry... He will. I did.


  1. boys and there toys lol

    1. YES! If only they didn't like expensive to fix toys! ;)

  2. A lick of paint and some duck tape :) Great read, if a little sad.

    1. It is a little sad. But luckily we HAVE the memories. lol As for the duck tape I agree... and it doesn't cost the earth! :)


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