Friday, 31 August 2012

Father's Day Came Early This Year.

We could not wait for tomorrow to give daddy his Fathers Day gifts so we gave him some today.( He will be sleeping a lot of the day away as he is working night shift again tonight.)

We couldn't wait for Fathers Day so we gave My Beloved 1 present each. The girls often write letters and cards and then wrap a toy or a rock that has been painted with fabric or scrapbooking papers as an added 'surprise'. Daddy got those presents today the 'good ones' made in school were saved for tomorrow. I gave him his 'good' present today, I couldn't wait and luckily either could he.

'Ok everyone.' I called out 'I am giving daddy his present!!!' Everyone came out from every room in the house and two kids emerged from the play area covered in sand. We make a pretty bunch. 

'Open it!' Shrieked Mr Cheeky who thought he was getting a present too.

'I wonder what it is?' My Beloved said. 'It is in a box..'

'Read the message.' I suggested

'To daddy, because you don't burn things when YOU do it!'

He opened the wrapping paper to see a recipe book 'Three and Four Ingredients'

'Oh excellent!' he said and laughed. 

The last few weeks I have been making fry pan pizzas and I have been getting distracted after the second one has been cooked and pizzas three and four are usually burnt on the bottom. It has become a joke now when ever I go in the kitchen, no matter what I am doing someone says something about not wanting 'it' burnt. 

'This is great!' My Beloved said as he gave everyone except the Man Child a hug, because that is not cool I guess. The kids stood around watching dad read the book and soon decided that the 'party' was over and watching him read was actually quite boring.

'Wow, lemon with spaghetti, I would never have thought of that!'

Here you can see the first meal My Beloved will be cooking... spaghetti with lemon because it sounds so strange he just HAS to try it out!

After a few minuets I realised that it was rather boring watching him read his cook book and left him on the veranda to continue. An HOUR later he came inside and smiled 

'Thanks love that is great I love it.'

'I'm glad, don't forget you get another present tomorrow.' I said and smiled..

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