Friday, 17 August 2012

Warning Signs - Milk Teeth

Littlest Miss has 4 teeth now... it will not be long and she will be moving out!

Littlest Miss is 8 months old and she has her second lot of teeth come through. Her bottom two front teeth have been up for a couple of months and as of Wednesday her top two have come down. 
Oh how wonderful, you might be thinking isn't it exciting as they pass through each stage of development! It wont be long now she will be crawling/walking/trashing the place/leaving home. 
She is already showing signs of wanting to be out and about.

And it is wonderful,with the first couple of kids then as you have more it is not quite as magical  (oh no she didn't just say that... did she?) It becomes a warning sign. That reads boldly - 'WATCH OUT! - It will not be long and that gorgeous innocent cherub will be a crying, sulking, whining and throwing tantrums. (Yes, I am referring to the terrible twos, and threes and on through to the teenage years.)

Her teeth are just the beginning of what is in store for us yet... crawling & walking.

Already Littlest Miss can 'work the crowd'. She smiles this big sweet infectious smile and who ever it is aimed at stops what they are doing to enjoy it. Then she really turns on the charm and talks to you. Lets say at this point in her vocal development we most certainly do not have a future X Factor winner on our hands. 

She knows how to win you over...

She is already a BIG KID trapped in a babies body. She squeals and squawks as loudly as her brothers and sisters (but then, she has too if she has any chance of being heard over the singing, giggling and fighting). She wants to run around with everyone else,trashing the place... with everyone else. But just does not have the motor skills yet. 

Ready to go go go

Apart from the fact that she has yet to actually co ordinate her crawling moves and she seems to fall on her face regularly whilst trying, she wants to go go go. She pulls her self up and promptly falls over. It is now that I appreciate the 'walker that does not walk' (the kind that just revolves around a 'play centre') if she was in a traditional walker, I swear she would be zooming around the house.

No longer a baby, not quite a toddler.

She is most definitely NOT a baby and not quite a toddler she is something in between and that is the most beautiful age a child can be. An age when the whining and drooling and fussing still invoke the protective urge in you, not the irritated 'Oh for-crying-out-loud!' urge. When you foolishly actually encourage the attempts at walking and talking and laugh at the things in the back of your mind you KNOW will be irritating as they grow (like squealing till red in the face because the toy they want to play with dropped or someone else has it.)

She may be eating shoes now... but it wont be long and she'll be buying them!

Yep, it wont be long and our baby will be moving out and living her own life. I know what I am talking about... it really was not that long ago the The Man Child was this age... he is 17 now. Enjoy your kids while they are young, because even your hardest day with a young child is nothing compared to the worries you start to get with each passing year. Oh dear... I sound old don't I? ;)

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