Sunday, 19 August 2012

Back Yard In A Box

I woke up with a bit of spring in my step this morning, not because I slept particularly well but because I had a parcel to pick up. As soon as it opened I was at the window of the post office sorting building. I gave the man behind the window a smile and a ripped parcel pick-up slip. He looked at it and then me and smiled.

'A three yr old.' I said to him.

He disappeared and returned with a box. 

'Awesome, that is my back yard right there.' I said. ( Those who know me, know I say random and weird things often, It's how I 'roll'. )

'Your backyard?'

'Yes, it is a concrete paver mould.'

'Oh really? How does it work?'

The rest of the conversation is pretty obvious so I will not go on. But suffice to say the eBay store owner will have two more customers checking out their store. Because they are in the local area the postage was very quick and very little considering it is made from steel. 

By the time I was home I had a million ideas for every detail of the backyard, the pathways I was planning and even contemplating 'resurfacing' our 300? metre driveway too. Naturally My Beloved was excited to see something useful from my 'ebaying' and started to tell me about how the backyard would be laid out with mondo grass or gravel or 'something'.

'Errr yeah. Sounds good, just one problem.' I said


' We are not doing it like that.'

If you have read any other posts I am sure you know what I am going to say next... Thats right, we argued disagreed about every idea either one of us had. And yet somehow managed to agree on the oxides we would use to colour the wet cement when we start on the backyard... TOMORROW!!! 

YES! Expect the next few posts to be full of pictures of befores, durings and afters with My Beloved and myself looking particularly dusty and dirty. My Beloved will be covered in sand and cement and I shall be donning particularly delightful shades of burgundy and terracotta. THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!! I can't wait! :D

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