Saturday, 17 March 2012

           Happy Birthday Aliesha!

15 yrs ago today Big Miss was born. I would love to add that after many hours of pain she entered the world and it made everything worth it. I said I would love to  I can't because her labour was easy. The moment we locked eyes I felt this unbelievable sense that i knew her completely and had always done. We stared into each others eyes for a long time and it was wonderful. She has the most piercing blue eyes. They even change colour from that icy blue to a steely
 grey when she is cranky. It may be hard to tell but she was a tomboy until 07 when we moved to Western Australia. She changed over night it seems.

When she was 2 we had a pet goat a He-goat called Billy. He was so friendly with My Beloved that when Billy was around he would have to be wary (it was not uncommon to see goat and man wrestling in the background because goat had flipped man over his head and onto his back). Big Miss would wander off occasionally and the first place I would check was the direction I had last seen Billy and there Big Miss would be much smaller than the span of his horns scratching his forehead. He was so gentle with her but after that happened twice we decided he had to go.

When she was 3 Big Miss came running inside crying and pointing to her foot. I found 2 perfect puncture marks, grabbed her ankle tight and sped to the hospital. After hours of checking symptoms and being unable to find any venom & Big Miss protesting loudly the WHOLE time the Dr said ' If she was bitten by a snake it has crawled off and died.' Unkind ? Perhaps but you didn't hear her. The next day I found the bottom of a drawer, staple side up!

When she was 5 Big Miss was very very sick. She spent 2 nights in hospital having tests to see what was wrong with her. The doctors stayed past their shifts and even the handyman would ask me how she was. She was not well and I truly believed at one point she was going to die. But finally it was decided they would give her the antibiotic called the Silver Bullet it worked quickly and she was better within hours.
When she was 6 Big Miss was my bridesmaid. She looked beautiful.

When she started high school i feared she would turn into a 'bitchy teen' and she didn't, not all the time anyway.

 Now she is 15 I look at her and think I was 2 yrs older than her when we had her brother and 3yrs older than her when she was staring into my eyes in the labour ward. Was it really that long ago? Really?

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