Thursday, 6 September 2012

Burn Baby Burn!

In keeping with my latest cooking 'trick', I managed to burn a lamb roast last night... in a slow cooker! Don't be suckered into thinking those slow cookers are all they are cracked up to be. Yes it was on the highest setting and yes I did go to bed and forget to turn it down but that is besides the point! 

I woke at 2 this morning to the smell of a beautiful roast cooked to perfection. 'I had better put that on 'keep warm'. I thought to myself. I woke at 5 to the smell of an incredibly well cooked roast. Through the haze that is not quite awake not quite asleep I realised I did not turn the slow cooker down. By 6 there really was not point in turning it down. But I did anyway!

I lifted the lid saw the roast had shrunk by a third the carrots, potatoes and other black 'things' that were at some point vegetables of varying descriptions were shrivelled and did not look appealing at all. I put the lid back and made a cup of tea. ' I'll deal with that shamozzle in a minute I thought and had my tea.

'Morning mum.' The Man Child said to me as I poured my second cup of tea.

'Morning darl.' I said

'Whats that smell? Is that? What is that? he asked

'The roast Lamb. I burnt it.' I said without thinking.

'Oh are you serious?' He asked me and laughed

'Careful,' I said ' You are not in my good books yet!' referring to something that had happened the day before. I'll tell you about that in another post.

By the time everyone had gone to school I had to go into town to meet My Beloved and I ended up spending the day ( well most of it) checking out second hand stores and the recycling yard... I got a couple of awesome things too ( yep, another post).

When we got home My Beloved said 'Oh, what is that smell!'

Oh no I thought, it couldn't have burnt more could it? I waited for the teasing, but it didn't come.  My Beloved had helped himself to a plate of Lamb. 

'Got any mint sauce?' He said. 'This is beautiful!!'

'Yeah,' I said 'I thought you'd like a nice roast after today. It is probably over cooked though.'

'No its nice.' He said and dashed mint sauce all over the plate. 'Really nice.'

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