Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tissues, Ticks and Toddlers

It has been a week ( or is it two?) since I last posted  I had a 'sickness', that magically went away last Friday only to be replaced Saturday, Sunday, Monday,most of Tuesday and half of Wednesday with a bad case of sinus. My eye sockets and even teeth and jaw were killing me. I soldiered on though with out the help of Codral ( I imagine unless you have seen the Codral advertisements here in Australia you wont get what I was trying to do there... don't worry, you did not actually miss anything special.)

After spending a great deal of time lying face first over the seats of my couch, my sister's and my mothers couches and steaming my self with endless cups of tea and I don't even want to think how  much forest friendly toilet paper I used ( not exactly soft ) I managed to catch up with some cousins and visit  a sister or two. I also managed to pay out a loan early and forget to pay a V.I.B ( very important bill) which may just require I get another loan as a result... (well not really, but it seems I am in an exaggerative mood today, I wont even tell you what lies I told My Beloved about a certain pair of shoes I now own).

I have had an extra kid since Monday and The Man Child and he have been running wild through the scrub that takes up at least 15 of the 30 acres we call home. Today they have pulled at least 2 ticks of themselves and I have had the pleasure of  yelling at them to put out a 'camp fire' and running into the scrub towards the sounds of terrified girly screams only to find out the boys had decided to attempt to make a funny video. It was not funny let me tell you. They have also been banned from making any more videos (they had plans on a Jack Ass style jump out of a tree into a local waterhole). Idiots.
They have been good and have had a fantastic time so I can not really complain.

My Beloved went to Fraser Island again and this time the youngest five kids and I met him at the local store as he took his group through to Rainbow Beach to get the barge across to Fraser Island. We only had five minutes but the kids loved it and I was glad to get an Ice Coffee, My Beloved was happy to see me so it was 'win, win, win'  for all concerned. ;p

My Nephew had his second birthday and we visited with him ( his mum is a month or two away from having twins) and as a present I decided that a bucket of water bombs would be a good idea... yes he is two I don't know what I was thinking buying that for him, but lets just move on shall we? The kids had a great time running amok and my sister in law came to visit as well so there were millions of kids of all ages and I won't lie I was glad to get the hell out of there (even though I took a lot of the kids with me) I got home to complaints about not having bought home HJ's for the bigger kids who were too cool to go to their two year old cousins house for his birthday.

A billion other things occurred. but like you, I am bored as well and just want this post to end... night all :)

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