Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Meant To Be

This morning was a tough one. I managed to stay awake when I opened my eyes. If we had really wanted to, the kids would have caught the bus to school ( The Man Child did and Big Miss did too) I was to blame for the lack of care factor. With Miss Thinker suffering from a chesty cough, which kept me up for a 24 hour straight period 2 days prior I was a tad tired last night and we went to bed very early.

My Beloved had left for Noosa to do his first 'briefing' of the Backpackers he was to take on tour today and I couldn't just fall asleep leaving them unsupervised now could I? (though I did consider 'trusting' The Man Child to 'look' after two of his four sisters whilst I crashed early) but I can not do that, I feel like a neglectful parent. Instead I forced them all (except the Man Child) to bed early. I don't have a problem being a 'mean' parent it seems! ;) I woke up too late to call My Beloved and find out how his night of 'freedom' had been and was a little disappointed as he was driving and I knew he would not answer the phone.

'If you hurry you can make it in time.' I told Little Miss who just had her hair to do. But the whereabouts of the brush eluded us all and Biggest Miss was not there.

' Look, don't stress, I will drive you all.' I told Little Miss, Miss Independent and Miss Thinker.

'But I don't want to be late!' Miss Thinker stressed.

'Darl, unless the bell rings you are not late. Don't stress.'

It seems to her that if she is not at school before or at the same time as the bus arrives then she is very, very, very late. Eventually we found the brush (where it is actually meant to be, which explains why we couldn't find it) and everyone was ready for the drive to school.

'Everyone got their hats?, Bags?,Lunch?, Homework? I said as I started to drive off.


Once at school I spoke quickly with both teachers and decided before I went home I'd stop in to the local store to have a, you guessed it, Ice Coffee. I noticed that there were a lot of white 4wds and it made me think of how My Beloved was doing. He had told me when I rang him the night before that he had a group of 25 this trip and he looking forward to it. I walked into the shop and made my way straight to the fridge I grabbed my beverage of choice and walked to the counter.

'Morning! I said and started to pat myself down as i couldn't remember which pocket I had stuffed some money in before leaving home.

'Have you checked out that lot?' the owner joked nodding to the large group of people in the parking lot.

'No. Why?' I asked

'You might know one of them.' he said 'Go out and see if you do.'

'Oh ok.' I said out of politeness more so than comprehension. Plus I had my Ice Coffee, I could handle anything! ;) There in the middle of a rabble of excited looking tourists was My Beloved. I walked up to him and planted a kiss on his cheek. 'Hey baby!' I said. He jumped back away from me and gave off the impression of some one who had just been victim to unwanted physical contact. I laughed and said 'Good boy!'

'Oh heeeeey Darl!' he said and smiled.

'Hey love, I wont keep you just wanted to give you a kiss. Have fun, drive safe and I'll see you Thursday.' I pinched his bum and walked back to the car. I drove off and waved to him.

It was lucky I didn't bother with the bus this morning. If I had, I would not have gone to the shop and seen My beloved.... or had an Ice Coffee. I am not sure which one I was happier about actually. ;)

And who wouldn't want to give him a kiss on the cheek? 

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