Sunday, 9 September 2012

Is It Bedtime Yet?

Well it has been almost total anarchy here today. We still have four kids up at 9pm. The youngest two and oldest two. Littlest Miss is much happier now her teething and cold have eased off. So she caught up on all her missed sleep, in the day light hours. She has no intention of going down to sleep just yet. Mr Cheeky has slept most of the afternoon away as well and quite frankly he does not sleep much at the best of times so I am deluded if I think he will be tired before 11.30.

The Man Child gave me even more cause for concern this afternoon, I wont go into it except to say it was quite serious. I played it cool and let him sit and think hoping that he would snap out of the 'thing' he seems to be going through. Half an hour of worry and confusion later and he called me into his room and started to tell me all these things he was starting to do, smoking for one, occasionally  he said, but he thought he must tell me everything. I was very surprised at the smoking confession. Note I said surprised not shocked. There was an even bigger confession and then we had a chat it lasted most of the afternoon and it ended well. The lines of communication are open again, thank goodness. So I am not as worried as I had been.

Little Miss, Miss Thinker and Miss Independent seemed to be running feral all day and it did not end until it was time for dinner. Little Miss managed to fall on her tailbone at one point in the 'feral festivities' as I have dubbed it and has gone to bed with what I suspect is a very bruised tailbone. I told her I would take her to the doctor in the morning to be sure it was just bruising.

I'd just like to add, you know for clarity sake days like these are rare but when they do happen they REALLY happen. lol Thankfully everyone has calmed enough to be classed as 'back to normal' and I am glad because when it rains around here it seems to pour!

My Beloved woke after spending most of the day asleep ( how he managed to is something I will never know) he had a night shift in the taxis again and is wide awake so I think I may just leave the kids in his hands and curl up in bed with a book and a cup of tea and sleep till Littlest Miss needs a feed. After the day I have had I think I deserve it!

Night all!  Oh and does anyone know where I hid the last two Tim Tams???  ;)

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