Monday, 10 September 2012

Father And Son

After our chat on Sunday I informed the Man Child that he could tell his father everything he had told me. He did not want to. I reminded him that had always been the 'mean' parent and his father had always been the more cruisey of the two of us so if he had not been threatened with death or banishment by me the chances were nil his father would react badly.

'I just don't want him thinking badly of me and being let down by me.' he said

'Mate, your father would feel let down if you didn't have a chat with him. I mean we were already feeling like we had failed you some how. This would make your father feel the opposite. I promise.' I told him. After some umming and ahhing he agreed he'd chat with his father today.

I reminded him of his promise when everyone else was doing their homework and he could be assured that no one would interrupt or over hear. I left My Beloved and the Man Child on the front veranda and two hours later they came in. the relief in both their eyes was great to see and for the first time in a week everyone was back to their relaxed comfortable selves.

They even bonded by watching his fathers favourite movie, well one of them.. Mad Max.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

And completely off topic I am actually working on a post before I am even planning on hitting publish. It is my  Thrifty Thursday post. I am determined to actually do it this Thursday. All my posts until that one are done and dusted with out too much of an edit ( but I am sure you have picked up on that by now ) in one 'sitting'. 'Mummies homework' I call it if I happen to start a post when the kids are still awake. But this one will allegedly be 'thought out' lol don't get too excited though! ;)

Night all! :)

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