Saturday, 15 September 2012


Yesterday I discovered PicMonkey I had fun making collages and 'messing' around with the editing features like AIRBRUSH and WRINKLE REMOVER!!  I used a picture that showed every wrinkle and crease on my face and set about 'fixing' it.  Not because I particularly cared about the wrinkles and creases but because I could!

 I spent about fifteen minutes trying to figure out how it worked and airbrushed away at my face ( I did not realise at that time that if you zoomed in it would work better) I was impressed. I decided to show My Beloved the 'masterpiece'. 

'So babe,' I said as I carried the laptop towards him 'Check out my wrinkle free face' I beamed as I sat next to him on the couch. 

'You don't have wrinkles darl.' he replied in the way you might placate someone who is very concerned about something they need not be.

'Oh I am not worried about that! I am going to show you what I can do with photos!' I said 'Look at this one!' I showed him the 'before photo'.

The 'Before 'photo was one I had Big Miss take weeks earlier in an attempt to get a new profile picture for my personal Facebook account. I naturally found it impossible to keep a straight face and laughed so hard I was crying. This photo is one where I was trying to get my self back into 'serious' mode.- We never did manage to get a good picture.

'Now look at this one!' A big grin had made it to my face.

I decided to fix the forehead and a bit of my 'old lady' hands as well as darken the 'locks'. I attempted to  'pull' my shirt over my shoulder as well, however that was not successful and I deleted that edit! 

Before he or I could say anything else Miss Thinker popped her head over our shoulders.

'Let me see mum.' She asked

'Look at mummy.' I said pointing to the after shot. She looked closely for a second and then turned to me and said

. 'That's soooooo totally fake! Hey Mum!'

Yep. Called out by a 7 year old. Think I will just stick to fixing the exposure and colours from now on! 


  1. You are so beautiful!!!! You look amazing for having 7 kids!!!! I love reading your blogs!

    1. Thankyou. I will say however the really bad pics don't make it on here lol. I am very glad you enjoy reading my posts, that has made my night. :)


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