Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Turns Out, We Don't Have A Song.

It is impossible to be unaware that couples 'have' a song. Everyone goes on about 'having' a song.

We watched Modern Family last night. In a nutshell the blond chick (don't know the names of any of them as I am not a regular viewer) and her husband ( the dorky looking guy) had an anniversary and instead of the husband being the one to forget such an important event, it was the wife. Eventually after some thinking she remembers the song that was playing when they first kissed and realising the band playing the song was her husband's all time favourite she managed to get a band member to come to their home and serenade them. Of course the husband had never even heard of the band. (Spandau Ballet) and thought they had a different song, the one he had sung at their wedding no less.

It was about at that point I turned to My Beloved who was sitting on the couch next to me and said.

'Errrr. Do we have a song? Coz if we do, I don't know what it is.'

'I have a song.' he joked. 'And we did have one for our wedding dance... but don't ask me what it was.'

( It was Amazed, by Lone Star... But I wanted Into The Mystic by Van Morrison... long story ;)

'Are we the only people who don't have a song do you think?' I asked him.

'Who knows.' ( he was also thinking who cares?)

'The only song that would come close to being our song would be Tip Of My Tongue, you know that Johnny Diesel song.'

'Oh yeah.' He nodded, but didn't seem convinced.

'Well that is only because it came out when we were dating and we both liked it. I mean you bought the CD.'

We both drifted back to the TV and a few minutes later I said.

'Oh I know! We 'have a food.'

'Do we?'

'Yes! Of course we do!'

'OK. What is our food?'

'Chinese! Remember?'

 'Chinese. Yeah the Golden Dragon and your flambĂ© duck thing.'

'No I was thinking of Kenny's Kitchen, near the old railway and Mongolian Lamb!'

'I would have said the steaks and oysters at the Breakfast Creek Hotel, was our food.'

'What? Nooooooo we had Chinese way more!'

The Man Child and Big Miss spent the next 30 minutes listening to us talk about the food we ate at different places pre-children and decided that they had the weirdest parents ever. As Big Miss said,

 'Even I know everyone has a song mum! No one has a FOOD!'

Do you have a song? If so what is it?   We are on the look out for one  ;)

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