Monday, 6 May 2013

#7 Blog Everyday in May - What are you most afraid of?

There is one thing that truly terrifies me and that is losing my children.That includes any of they ways you could lose a child, through death, through drugs, illness, arguments, through marriage ( of course you don't lose your kids once they are married but they are not wholly yours any more, well not as far as their partner is concerned,  So in light of that I should also add I am afraid of  being a monster in law ;) though not really as I won't be ).  I don't even want to talk about it. 


  1. or you could see in the way that you'll gain another member of the family....hmm...

    1. Most definitely, my fear is more so losing them in a more final way through death, the monster in law reference was my way of lightening it... yeah good job me! ;)

  2. My biggest fear too losing them or them losing me but I couldn't write about it.
    I have already lost a daughter to stillbirth.

    I have 2 monster in laws ...they kind of improved over the years.


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