Thursday, 16 May 2013

* Catch up* Blog Everyday in May #12 What do you miss?

I didn’t give this one too much thought, I just thought I would, in list form, jot dot down the things I miss. Nothing too deep and meaningful here.

  1. I miss being able to sit down all day on the weekends and read, like I did when I was still living in my parents house. I never really appreciated the luxury of that.
  2. I miss Choo Choo bars, Fag lollies ( now called Fads, if indeed they still make them) and Black Cats ( a liquorice lolly in the shape of, you guessed it, a cat.)
  3. I miss My Beloved walking around in his Surf Lifesaving shirt. Mmmmmmm
  4. I miss our friend Dave, he was many things but good value and a good person. 
  5. I miss The Man Child and Big Miss as little kids. I actually is sad kids have to grow up.
  6. I miss ( now this is gonna sound unbelievable) the years when we had not put the ceiling in the house and we had to sit around the fire during winter because it was so damn cold, though it was glorious in summer. It was such a simple, but lovely time.
*updated* It was bought to my attention in the comments that the above may have some people concerned... we are owner builders and in the first years we had a roof but no ceiling (plasteboardr/gyprock sheets between us and the tin roof above). It was cold in winter and beautifully cool in summer. 
  1. I miss my box of books I’d kept from my collection when I was younger, the same box My Beloved accidentally ‘burnt’… yes, BURNT! What a monster. (Remind me to post a bonfire story here one time.)
  2. I miss having bonfire nights
  3. I miss… no that is it. I don’t think I miss much else.


  1. he burned your box of books...was it on bonfire night?

    also i am pretty sure no roof would make a post too!

    1. hahahaha no ceiling.. we had a roof!! lmao I should edit that in!! ;) And yes... he has a tendency to book burning, long story and not nearly so dramatic as it may seem, well it was for me!


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