Thursday, 16 May 2013

* Catch up* Blog Everyday in May #14 Ten Things That Make You Really Happy.

Now I am not going to say rainbows, puppies and unicorns because they don’t. Actually rainbows do. They are so pretty. So I’ll have to make that one of the ten. As for puppies, they are cute and stuff, but they yap and chew things… I have small children… I don’t need a puppy doing that stuff too! As for unicorns, well they are not real so i feel like I’d be totally wasting my time adding them to the ten things.

1 My kids make me happy. They really, really do. Even when they are driving me up the wall they make me happy ( after I have given myself timeout).

2 My Beloved  makes me happy.

3 Seeing people get something they have always wanted or worked really hard to get. I am always genuinely happy for them. It is a great feeling to get something you have always wanted and an even greater one to something you have worked hard for.

4 Talking to people that you have heaps in common with, In my case someone I can have a great conversation with when we both have completely different points of view and the conversation seems like a full blown argument to eavesdroppers but it so totally is not. That is awesome!

5 My house and garden, even in it’s ‘This place will never be finished’ state I love it. I love winter for the chance to garden without sweating to death, getting heat stroke or bitten by snakes.

6 The kids bedtime, it makes me happy for a number of reasons, mostly because it means I get some peace and quiet.

7 Planning and then ‘doing’ what ever project I find myself doing, it is an added bonus when I get it finished too (I am the Queen of unfinished projects taking months sometimes years to get completed).

8 Horse riding, though I have not ridden in years!

9 Sitting on the veranda with My Beloved, when there are no kids around.



  1. I can't believe you explained why puppies and unicorns don't make you happy ...but yes I can see your point. Double rainbows are even better than just ordinary rainbows!

  2. It has been my experience to always explain why puppies and unicorns don't make me happy... some people take their puppies and unicorns very seriously. Double rainbows are awesome! :)

  3. How can puppies not make you happy?

    1. Hello Crystal :) Puppies are cute but they require extra attention that I am not prepared to carry out. I like pictures of puppies, if that helps? ;)


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