Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Story Of My Life (blog every day in may)

So, I have been slack with the blog recently. I was checking out a blog I love, Common Chaos Chronicle and I saw the Blog Every Day in May challenge. “Ah seems as good a reason as any to blog’ I thought. I also thought as we have so many things happening this month, not the least of them my birthday (happy birthday meeeeeeeeeeeeee) I’d do it. So I clicked on the linky thingy (down the bottom of this post you see it) and I read the subject for each day… I suggest you tune in for Day 10 Most Embarrassing Moment/s… Trust me if you want to feel better about your most embarrassing moments then you’ll WANT to read that one.)

I was Born. In Sydney in 78. Six months after my parents ( Aussie dad and English mum) got married, at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross. I am assured it was because they were an interfaith couple or something ridiculous like that. So when my parents decided, after my sister was born, that they would not be raising their kids in Sydney we moved to a very country town in the Queensland hinterland, not too far from Fraser Island in fact.

I spent my whole childhood blissfully unaware of the worries in life, my parents were vegetarian for a while there ( oh not vegetarians!!!) then they came to their senses. Winking smile We had a big vege patch and my mother made the majority of everything we ate. Sometimes she’d even grown it all as well. I went to a local school, a really great community minded school and had the best teachers a kid could ask for. I spent most of my primary school years either reading stories or writing them. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

My father worked where ever the work was ( he is a bricklayer by trade but is also a Rugby League coach and a fitness instructor, or what ever they are called) and in my early years he was away all week. I grew up with our house being built when my parents could afford to add on to the place and what was once a two car block garage is quite literally HUGE!!!!! My mother ran a hairdressing salon and my father started a gym when I was in year 7. He also started up a football team ( well, not entirely by himself) and football ( Rugby League) became a huge part of my early teens.

By the time I was in year 9 I decided that I was going to leave school at the end of that year and start my hair dressing apprenticeship in my mums salon.  I did that for three years in total but did not complete fourth year as I was pregnant with The Man Child. Something I have never regretted for a number of reasons but the main one is I don’t like hairdressing. I have done a few tafe courses but never actually used them for a paying job.

You know all about the kids and My beloved so I wont go on any more except that this was only meant to be 250 words…. it is now 500…. ooops. This is why I am no good at twitter!! Winking smile

Oh I forgot to add I was in a local TV commercial, dressed in a grass skirt, promoting a ‘win a trip to Hawaii' with every car purchased’ thing. I have done other stuff but I’ll get to that one day, if  I could be bothered.


  1. Great blog Emma !! :D Tracey

    1. God love you Tracey! Oh and doing a happy dance at my first comment in ages! You HAVE to come back for day 10 (most embarrassing moment/s)! Trust me it is so good, it took me 10 years to stop physically cringing when ever I thought about it! ;)


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