Tuesday, 3 April 2012

10 Things I Love About Big Miss

10 Things I Love About Big Miss

# 1   I love the way she sees things Black or White. But she can always see things from the other persons side.

#2  I love the way she comes home from school and tells me about the latest drama or great thing that has happened in her social life. (And how when I offer advice 'I don't understand'.)

# 3  I love how she is thoughtful and kind and sweet. 

#4  I love how she is so open and she has no fear of what people think. She puts herself out there, she is so brave like that.

#5  I love the way she takes a million photos of herself on any available camera yet hates them all, it means she's getting bigger.

#6  I love the way she understands that she is not dating or driving in cars with boys till she is 100 16.

#7  I love how she spends hours outside with her guitar and her song writing book. ( I don't need to read her diary I just listen to her songs.)

#8  I absolutely love how she will not give up and is determined not to let things beat her. No matter what it is.

#9  I love how after years of being a total tomboy she has gone 'girly' on me, but never precious she could tackle anyone her age in a game of footy and out weave them to the posts.

#10  I love how she is growing up and (as of yet at least) I am not worried about how she will turn out because whether she does 'great' or 'little' things she will always be a decent and honourable human being. The greatest thing of all.

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