Friday, 27 April 2012

Ants in His Pants, Mum

 Our dog Buster has been barking at 'nothing' a lot lately. Day and Night and sometimes followed by a pained yelp. I figured he was annoying something like the Frill-necked Lizards or maybe the Lacy Monitor who occasionally calls in on his way from the dam to the back of our place.

 Today we were visited by an 'Ta-kid-na'. More commonly known as an Echidna (E-kid-na). He was surprising happy for Mr Cheeky and I to sit down and watch him and video him for five minutes whilst he continued digging for ants or grubs. He had ants crawling all over him and Mr Cheeky remarked about how he thought it had ants on its pants. That, and where was the 'Ta-kid-na's mum and dad?

Now we know what Buster has been barking at constantly and it even explains the yelps we sometimes hear. This fella has been roaming the front and side gardens that back onto the house. Eating what ever insects he comes upon. Cute but not so cuddly pest control! 
He was not too bothered by our presence and spent a while digging into this stump. We even managed to get some video of him where he looked at the camera for a little while as well. The rest of the kiddies loved watching it when they got back from school.
Thanks to the drought breaking here in Queensland we have seen a boom of our local native animals The Furry, The Spiky and The Scaly. 

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