Sunday, 22 April 2012

Shooting Blanks

Well. He survived! He was put under... hence the 'luxury' Vasectomy. I waited outside with Littlest Miss & Mr Cheeky. I am pretty sure that children, surgical equipment and Testes are not a good mix. We waited outside so Mr Cheeky could run riot in the van... Yes it is big enough for that.

The nurse came out to let me know it was done and I could come in to help wake him up. I should have taken a photo, but despite how I may seem I am not that mean. So there he lay. Asleep with a sheet, ice pack, shirt & socks on, a common thing with men in the vasectomy room I am assured. 

'Hey Darls.' I said

'Oh are they going to let you in?'

'No. It is done now.'

'Is it?'

'Yes. How do you feel now your not a real man anymore?' I joked

'Is it really done? Are you sure?'

'Yep. All done everything is intact and all is well.'

'Well I don't remember it.'  he was looking at his watch and trying to comprehend that 45mins had passed since he could actually remember anything.

'Well. That didn't even hurt at all.' he said.

The nurse and I giggled and the doctor came to check on him.

'I wont bother telling you anything,' he said to My Beloved ' You wont remember anything.'

 He then told me that for the next 48 there was to be no walking around (toilet trips excepted) ice every fifteen minuets and no lifting anything for a week.When it was decided he could get up I helped him dress. It was funny to see a grown man a little confused about which part of his slacks were the front and even funnier to see him try to put them on! 

'Ok' I said after buckling up the kids. 'Do you want to get something on the way home?'

'Yes, Mitre 10 is having a closing down sale and I saw decking oil going very cheap.' He said. 'Oh and I want some yummies.' he laughed, oh yes off his head.

'Ok. We will get that later. How does KFC sound?'

'Yes. Some yummies.'


'Did I 'Veet' enough area. Did they say anything about that?'

'Yes. They were impressed, in fact it was the first thing they said to me. What a good job you did.'

'Did they? Good.'

So clearly THAT was a serious concern for him. Who'd have 'thunk' it?
I drove home astounded at how many bumps were in the local roads but didn't worry too much about avoiding every one. I mean it not like he'd remember. ;)

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