Friday, 20 April 2012

Good Morning! ( Insert Sunny Smile Here)

I woke up to Biggest Miss in distress yesterday. Before my eyes were able to focus and my brain could actually make sense of the noises coming out of her  mouth, I could by the tone of her voice tell that this was an emergency.

'WHAT!' I said bolting upright preparing for some medical disaster.

'I need to go to town this morning.'

'Sorry, what?' Where was the blood i wondered as I looked her over. No blood. OK so maybe it is not so bad.

'I have to go to town before school. I don't have an art book.'

'Don't be ridiculous.' I said and laid back down. 'Put the kettle on please.'

I continued laying there staring at nothing in particular whilst I woke up. When she brought me in the coffee I was awake. Ten minuets later I decided that I could get up and begin the morning chaos.

'Where is your brother?' I said to everyone in the room.

'He's in his room. Playing.'

'Not Mr Cheeky, the Man Child!.'

'He has gone back to bed'.


 Turns out that because his work shirt and pants that he hung out by throwing them over the line under cover the night before were still damp, he felt that Tafe was obviously out of the question and he should just go back to bed. After a discussion I wont share here as it involved my ranting about him getting other clothes to wear and to be quick smart about it. He was dressed and accepting of his 'fate'.

When the lunches were being organised and hair was being brushed with five minuets to go before the bus and twenty minuets before it arrived at the local store (a god send on mornings like yesterday) I realised that Miss Thinker was nowhere to be seen and I had not seen her all morning.

'Wheres your sister?' I said and called out to her.

'I'm in bed' was the calm and matter of fact reply.

'What do you MEAN your in bed? Get up! Get dressed and HURRY UP!'

It turns out that because the Man Child's work shirt and pants that he hung out by throwing them over the line under cover the night before were still damp, she felt that if HE was going back to bed it was just as obvious she should as well! Honestly, they must get it from their father!



'I really need that Art book today.'

After a few seconds of feeling as though I was depriving the entire world of a future Donatello, Raphael or the other two Ninja turtles. I caved.

'Ok everyone' you have 5 minuets and we are leaving. Girls your catching the bus. You too Boy-o, I am not driving you to Tafe, I cant get you both to school on time.'

'Yessssssss.' (That was Biggest Miss)

So finally an hour after it began and after choosing a surprising decent looking outfit for myself and the youngest two. We Jumped in the van and everyone caught their buses with time to spare. The elusive art book was purchased and  I even got Biggest Miss to school with four minuets to spare!

Well done, I thought... and to celebrate? Well I am already in town.... perhaps a spot of shopping is in order. And that is just what I did. But that is another story!

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