Thursday, 5 April 2012

3 Guys 6 Girls and Some Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes, nothing special are they? Just bits of cardboard folded and scored in order to keep a pizza in. Well not in this house. In this house they mean so much more than that!

Freedom from cooking. Freedom from washing up. Freedom from hearing whines about the latest 'allergy' someone thinks they have from a particular vegetable or meat. Apparently I have three children allergic to tomatoes, two to onion,one allergic to mushroom and one of the above who is also 'mince intolerant unless it is in a pie.'
 ( Yet when incorporated on a pizza they are all ok!)

It means Garlic Bread and Coca-Cola and Cadburys chocolate are also on the menu. It means all the mattresses come off the beds (well nearly all) and we watch movies, eat chocolate and drink coke until we will burst, then once the sugar rush has gone, collapse asleep in front of the telly.

It means family time. Tonights were bought (as they often are) but when I was a kid pizza's were never bought and they meant the exact same thing, except the beds in front of the telly part. 


  1. Around here pizza always means mum and dad are in a good mood. And if you order enough it means Pizza Breakfast! (most important meal of the day)

  2. ONLY if it is straight out of the fridge and still cold! :)


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