Sunday, 29 April 2012

Got Milk?

A friend has a 'Moo Ta-ow'. The same friend milks her cows and always has milk and cream on hand. I hate to pay the ridiculous price of milk though I do. I always have a few bags of milk powder as well as 24 'boxes' of long life milk at hand. I will never ever, ever buy that $2.00 milk from any of the supermarkets and will buy the most local milk brand I can get.

My friend has finally succumbed to my blatant suggestion that she keep me in supply of REAL milk. So now I drive four minutes and get out my coke and 2l ice coffee bottles and take home 'straight outta the cow' milk.

 It was a horrendous idea for the three little girls who had not ever had REAL milk. The older two used to have it all the time and I grew up on the stuff. But to the girls it was akin to eating a live baby cow... or something. 

Little Miss almost vomited in her mouth when I told her where the milk had come from and Miss Independent was not having any of it. Miss Thinker was a little more receptive and told me she would try it but if she didn't like it I was not to get it ever again. She added Okay? to that statement, which made me laugh, she thought she was making a deal. I poured the ice cold milk into a small glass and Miss Thinker took a small sip. 

"It tastes like milk mum.' she said 

"Give me a try", Little Miss said, " It does! Wow it tastes like actual milk! OMG"

"Mmmmmm" Mr Cheeky informed me.
Miss Independent was next to try it and it got her seal of approval (she is fussy about anything without sugar). I then started telling the girls about all the diary products I was considering making now, butter, buttermilk as a result. Cottage cheese (kinda), sour cream,yogurt and feta cheese.

 Naturally a week has passed since I have been using REAL milk and I have not even managed to separate the cream from the milk... I just shake the bottle. It is easier that way...


  1. I tried udderly fresh milk when I was about ten - we were staying on my Aunt's farm. They gave it to me on my cereal. I believe I gagged. But then the milk was still warm so I'm going to call a gimme on that. Gag reflex aside, what a fantastic experience to be able to give your kids.

  2. It HAS to be cold. I wouldn't drink it warm either, but I wouldn't drink any milk warm. Ewwwwwwwwww. But Ice Cold, honestly there is no comparison. :)


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