Sunday, 22 April 2012

Click Goes the Shears Boys 'Snip. Snip. Snip.'

Well tomorrow is D-Day for 'Daddy'. He is off to the vet Doctor for the scariest thing to happen to My Beloved. He is to be spaded given the Snip. Now he really is not looking forward to it and has 'ordered' the 'Luxury' Vasectomy ( which from what he says basically involves an extra bit of numbing gel Before the numbing needle.) Instead of paying $450 we will be forking out $750. My Father has for years, been offering to do it with two bricks. My younger brother often joked about using a rubber band, 'You know, like they do with sheep!'

The Veet tube was out tonight and it was a laugh. Not one to read, ask or even listen to Instructions My Beloved couldn't remember exactly how 'much' he'd be 'Veeting'. He says he was joking when he thought he should, just to be on the safe side 'Veet' from neck to knee. I assured him that it would not be necessary. He toddled off to the bathroom with his tube of hair remover.

 I was sitting at the dining table that, as soon as the dinner dishes were removed by the Man Child and Biggest Miss, I had turned into my painting area. There I sat painting 'dots'. Whilst my beautiful children washed and dried. I tell you I felt like the Queen. They didn't have to be asked and didn't fight whilst doing it. Of course all the talk of things getting chopped off and my off handed comment about daddy killing future siblings may just have scared them into it.

'Oh god... Emmmm.' My Beloved called from the bathroom.

'What' I laughed. Expecting to hear him tell me about how something was 'tingling' or some other thing. I walked actually,I pushed through the bathroom door (you have to push it open... My Beloved did hang it after all). Instead I saw My Beloved in the tub Veet tube next to him and a white substance all over his face, chest and hair.

'I think  went a little over board.' He said.

'What!' I said staring at him. He laughed and repeated himself. 'Your a D#&khead.' I said laughing and shut the door behind me. 

Yeah he is a funny man, but we will see how funny he is tomorrow. I have an esky stocked with ice and frozen peas to sit by the bed/couch for the next couple of days. I mean if he thinks I am going to pander to him whilst this is occurring well, he obviously  doesn't remember my labours! ;)

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