Sunday, 1 April 2012

Not the Only Freaks in the Park

Today my niece turned 10,if you asked her, though her mother says she is 6. 

The local park with 'Everything' was the place we celebrated. It has recently been updated and it is quite popular with the kids I understand. It was the same place were her Naming Ceremony was held. Where I was named her God Mother. ( I like to think of myself as those lovely fairy God Mothers of Sleeping Beauty's, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, but of course any one who knows me, know this is not accurate.) 

The kids all had a ball. I spent most if not, all of the day under the rotunda bouncing Littlest Miss in her bouncer ,it goes where she goes, except shopping of course... that would just be weird. I was happy to do this as I was tired ,I always am of late, towards the end of the day I left the shade and walked to the new gated play area with the 'Lot' to see how My Beloved and 6 of my little Australians were doing. 

The fact I had also seen a family of no less than twelve children pull up had absolutely everything  nothing to do with it. I was rewarded for my nosiness with the rough admonishment of what honestly, can only be described as a grumpy old man telling me out of the blue as I walked past him with a smile on my face,

'That baby needs a hat on.'

I smiled even more after I fleetingly considered fly kicking him to the head and kept walking as I said

'She needs something alright.'

Now I don't know if he understood or judging by his grumpy self, cared what I was talking about but what she needed was people like that eradicated from the face of the planet. Well, OK I don't REALLY mean that as harshly as it sounds but you get my point.

Now to try to see it from his point of view make excuses for his rudeness requires me to be far less tired than I currently am. So I wont even go into sun safety. But last time I checked, a sleeping baby in her smiling mothers arms for three minuets in the daylight never killed anyone. That's all I will say about that.

By the time I got back to the safety of the rotunda my Brother in Law had noticed a family with seven children playing in another section of the park.

'Look, look Em. ' he said in that excited way people who have just witness some extraordinary miracle do

'What?' I asked still wishing I was able to fly kick people whilst holding children. But, call me crazy. I think physically launching an attack on someone when holding a child, in the presence of a child or with in the hearing of a child is something that should be avoided at all costs.

'Look they have seven kids too.'

 'Where?' I said in the way people who have just missed witnessing an extraordinary miracle do. He pointed and I looked. There were now officially 3 Large families in the park. How rare! 

Then almost like we were playing a game of Spotto, another family of seven emerged. I was almost hyperventilating... where was my Beloved I thought. He'd like to see this too, you know, the whole 'birds of a feather' thing. Finally he come back to were we were and i said

' Did you happen to see if they were all a big family?'


'The family eating chips.'


'The family with about 12 kids!'

'Oh them.'

'Were they the same family?'

'How would I know?' 

'Well, did they seem like they looked related?

'What, do you expect me to do? Go up to small children and say whose you're daddy?'

'Well. It is just nice to see a family larger than ours.' I said laughing.

A little later my Brother in Law by now becoming quite adept at this game of Spotto saw another large family, this time, with 6 kids.

I laughed becoming incredibly (and worryingly) pleased with the amount of bigger than average families at the park.

'Oh isn't this good babe!' I said to 'We are not the freaks anymore' and turned to my Brother in Law and said 'You guys are.' referring to their two child status.

My Beloved chuckled, but out of the corner of my eye i saw i offended a person over hearing the conversation luckily people who know me realise I just suffer from 'saying stuff' and don't mean anything by it.

We carried on as usual but i realised three things today. I absolutely loved to see other larger families en mass in the park. I will have to actively stalk  seek out the family that recently moved into our area with seven kids because there really is something in this birds of a feather business. But most importantly MY NIECE IS 6,not 10.


  1. Love this title and very descriptive too (I can almost imagine the whole scene unfolding).

    LOL your comment about the two child family being the freaks :P

  2. Thank you! I often worry that I ramble too much, but that is me! I am paying more attention to my titles I am a newbie at this. Good to hear the opinions of someone who knows what they are talking about. ( And anyone who is not related to me. They HAVE to be nice, I cook their food!)


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