Tuesday, 17 April 2012

 Today I did some decorating, rearranging and some sitting around on the computer... you know, as you do. Nothing that really needed doing got done. like the three loads of washing that will very soon turn into six, I spent a bit of time clicking on the 'next blog' button up the top of the screen there. I found some gorgeous retro alphabet flash cards and just had to download them.

 Because Littlest Miss sleeps with mummy, eats with mummy, spend every waking minuet and quite a few of the sleeping ones with mummy too. Mainly due to the fact 'thats how I roll' and also because I gave away her cot... long story but a friend in need is a friend indeed, remember that! Ava never used it. I have decided by this time tomorrow she will have another one. I have a plan and it involves her sleeping in her cot during the day and not on my bed,in the bouncer or on the couch.

I also have decided her 'space' in mummy and daddies room will be a cute little area. Seeing as we are not having anymore babies ( something that I was am fine with) I thought I'd go all 'nursery' on it with all those pretty but quite useless things that people stick in nurseries. Like letters that spell out baby's name and oh I don't know some string ribbon that has retro alphabet cards pegged to it with little colourful craft pegs.

I briefly considered cutting into strips the clothes I don't want any more to make a braided rug( yeah like your Nana used to have) but I decided shortly after the idea popped into my head that it was not gonna happen and moved on to rearranging the lounge room, dinning and quite by accident half the veranda out front.

I have lots of tiles to pick up tomorrow and just a little longer to wait until My Beloved can lay them so I am quite sure todays efforts were totally in vain as I will have to move most of the furniture outside or into the bedrooms whilst the floor is being done. I should have just done the washing really.


  1. You're making me feel lazy. I can't even use my usual excuse of FBing, BECAUSE YOU DO MORE OF THAT THAN ME TOO!!

  2. Now, now dont feel bad. It is a GOOD thing you dont spend so much time 'Booking' it. I have loaded myself up with things to do so will be absent for a bit but, I am sure lots of photo uploads will be there in my stead.! :)


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